Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday's update

12:30pm: We had high hopes that we were going to be able to head home after lunch today, but it looks like we are here for at least a bit longer. Nathan's blood gas levels came back in the normal range, thankfully. We were all set to pack up and head home...the nurse and one of the residents were hopeful that we were going to be sent home in a few hours since the tests came back fine, but the Dr. had to see him one last time to make a ruling.

Unfortunately, Nate is still retracting quite a bit when he is breathing. His heart rate is a bit lower and his breathing rate has slowed to more normal levels, but he is still retracting. In fact, the Dr. said that his retracting looked worst this morning than it did yesterday morning, and since that doesn't seem to be getting much better at all, they are going to need to watch him a little bit more.

She said that if she was his pediatrician and saw him in her office, she would immediately rush him to the hospital because of the breathing patterns that he is constantly displaying. So obviously, there is still something wrong with him...but again, they just can't figure it out.

We are still hoping that he has some sort of virus that is causing his respiratory distress, higher than normal hematocrit levels, low CO2 levels, and prolonged jaundice. She said that it is extremely rare, but she has seen one little baby before that presented just like Nathan in response to a virus...with Tachypnea (breathing too fast), Retraction while breathing, and Tachycardia (heart rate too fast). Since it is so rare for babies to respond that way, they must rule everything else out and watch closely for a good amount of time.

I never thought that I would wish that my child would get a runny nose or fever, but that is what I hope happens today. If Nate does indeed gets one of those, we can be pretty sure that he does indeed have some mysterious virus. It will just be so nice to finally get an answer to why my little man is having these problems.

That's about all I know from today. The Pediatric Radiologist won't be in until tomorrow, so his x-ray will not be able to be read by him until then. If we are home, they will contact our pediatrician with his read on the x-ray. Thankfully, no more tests for my little man are in order for today. And I am so glad that they were able to do the blood gas test through his heal rather than through his wrist...though they did have to stick him twice, poor guy.

Thank you again for your continued prayers. Nate and I got a great night's sleep last night because they were able to unhook him from the O2/heart rate machine and stop his IV antibiotics (because his spinal fluid did not grow any maybe my baby can start smelling like a baby again instead of a medicine bottle). Since he didn't have all the wires attached to him, he was able to sleep right beside me in the pull-out chair, and we both slept like babies...barring the vitals that were having to be taken every few hours. Speaking of that, the little dude is gaining weight like a champ. He is already 7lbs. 12oz. I can't believe he is already that big, but I have been able to see the weight come on in his triple chin and the start of some hefty rolls on his thighs. He also started responding to me a bit yesterday evening with following me with his eyes and letting out a mini-"coo" every once in a while when I would talk to him. It was so sweet to be able to experience those moments with him yesterday.

Like always, I'll update more when I have more information.


Kayla on March 16, 2008 at 2:16 PM said...

I have been thinking about you a lot. I will continue to keep all of you lifted to our Father.

Siobhan Marie Tully on March 16, 2008 at 3:49 PM said...

Just to let you know I will be praying for Nate and all of your family. I was just thinking and I know this probably sounds funny but does any of it have anything to do with his kidneys? When Noah was diagnosed with dilated kidneys before he was born we were told he would have to have antibiotics for the first two weeks of his life and they cleared. I remember us been in hospital with Noah also in the first month of his life due to breathing difficulties aswell and it is so scary seeing your child hooked up to machines.

Will be thinking about you and hope that Nate is on the mend very soon.

Love Siobhan xx

amber on March 16, 2008 at 4:10 PM said...

That really is a great question, and I meant to address that on here earlier. They aren't for sure if it has anything to do with his kidneys yet. Since the fluid level wasn't too terribly high at last week's ultrasound, they are thinking that the kidney problem shouldn't be causing the respiratory distress, but it is indeed possible. But, his urine output is huge, so they aren't worried about how well his kidneys are working. They were more concerned with his liver because of his prolonged jaundice.

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

Amber and Jay,

I will be keeping you two and little Nathan in my prayers. I know from experience the pain you two are going through watching and waiting for Nathan to get better. God will bring you and Nathan through this as he did my wife, our son Korbyn and myself 9 years ago.

God Bless,

Mark Brown

Jill Chandler on March 16, 2008 at 7:22 PM said...

Dear friend,
Thank you so much for taking time to keep us posted on your dear little Nathan.
We are praying for you...
Love, Jill

Anne on March 16, 2008 at 7:28 PM said...

Thank you for your updates. We are thinking of you all and hope that you all get a definitive diagnosis soon. We are praying for you all.

su on March 16, 2008 at 8:27 PM said...

Oh, Amber, what an incredible challenge, but how brave and strong, and faithful you are! I was always impressed with you, but now more than ever. You certainly display His grace. As a Mother, I know how your heart aches, but you are looking to your shows, praise God. Remember the lilies, they do not toil, but our Father takes care of them, how much more for Nathan and you and your husband and daughters. We are praying for you and thinking of you so much. Much Love,
Susan Mizell

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