Monday, March 31, 2008

Tough guys wear pink

Notice the paci...poor little dude. Nathan has loved this type of Avent pacifier that comes in a pack of two: blue and white or pink and white. Guess which pack Target has been out of for the past month? I went ahead and bought the pink/white pack thinking that we would get plenty of use out of that white paci, but I think we lost that one within about 20 minutes of being home. And guess which paci is the girls' favorite? The one that they run searching for every time they hear their brother cry out from the pain of gas bubbles in his tum-tum? I really felt sorry for the poor guy the other day when he was sucking on the pink paci and wrapped in a pink butterfly blanket of Emma's. We'll make matters better by dressing him in lots of camo and teach him how to spit loogeys and pick boogers (his sisters will have no problem teaching him that last one).

Mr. Nateman slept in his own crib for the very first time last night. I spent all day yesterday trying to get him used to sleeping in it for naps, and he slept in it all by himself last night. Granted, he woke up every 2 hours to eat, but he slept by himself!! He has had a few rough nights grunting and just seeming uncomfortable, so we weren't getting much sleep with him in our bed anymore. We're still not getting a good quantity of sleep, but the little amount that we are getting is improving in quality...yeah, all that mumbo jumbo just means that we are still dog tired. Abby stopped sucking her thumb last week, cold turkey. And she wanted to know why we were combining her thumb and "cold turkey" when we told others about her accomplishment...probably because she hates turkey and was afraid that her new big girl status would warrant us shoveling piles of the yummy goodness down her throat. I have used her new found big girl status for other things of my benefit though..."Since you have stopped sucking your thumb and are just so big now, you can start doing chores!" I wanted to start her out on cleaning the baseboards since that seems the be the main thing I "forget" to do (and by forget, I mean that I look at the filth and decide to do it later...every single time). But I decided that it would probably be better to start her off on something more simple, like brushing her teeth and dressing herself every morning...and I added "making up your bed" as a test to see how far I could push this newly found chore line, and by George, she did it. Who knew a 4 year old could make up a Queen-sized bed by herself every morning. I like having these kiddos around.
So back to the thumb-sucking...we talked to her a couple of weeks ago about how it was about time for her to think about stopping the habit since it was a baby thing to do. I then choked back the tears as she agreed that she needed to stop. And then I rewound our little conversation and pretended it had never happened because SHE IS STILL MY BABY, DON'T EVER STOP SUCKING YOUR THUMB! But she took the convo to heart and decided right then and there that she was bigger than the temptation to comfort yourself with a flattened left thumb. I just wish I would have gotten one last picture of her sweet face as she sucked that thumb while rubbing the tear of her "new blanky" across her top lip. I miss seeing that. Emma...well, the little miss is so funny right now. And whiny. And testing the limits on obedience. But so dang funny that you just want to pick her up and squeeze every last drop of sweetness from her. She has that effect on us. Before Nate was born, I prayed that she would be less clingy and dependent on me. Little did I know how much we would need for her to grow up so much almost overnight...and little did I know how the Lord would answer that prayer and take care of her when I couldn't do as much with her as I used to. She has indeed grown up so much over the past month. She and Abby are truly best friends and are pretty much inseparable. It warms my heart to see the sisterly bond they have created. We have no word on when Nathan's appts with the other specialists will be, but we are pretty sure that it may all take a while. In the meantime, I am praying for patience during this long process...and that our son will be perfectly healthy, if that is the Lord's will.


Tara on April 1, 2008 at 11:52 AM said...

Congrats on everyone's accomplishements....Nate sleeping in his crib..awesome. Abby not sucking her thumb..good but bittersweet. And Emma..Miss. Independant! They are all 3 growing up so fast. And the pink passy he can pull it off, or either people will say bless her heart she is so tired from sleepless nights and having 3 kids that they will let it slide! HA!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Matthew will be happy to teach Nathan very soon how to spit. He is currently testing out his new found skill when ever the opportunity strikes. Maybe Nathan can teach Matthew how to sleep in his crib. He still does not like his crib.

We love You!!!!

Beth, Brian and Matthew

oh amanda on April 1, 2008 at 8:25 PM said...

So adorable!

Lydia is a thumb sucker, too. I can't believe Abby went cold-turkey! That is really cool. Lydia's doctor already told me to start saving for braces. Nice.

Brandy on April 4, 2008 at 1:57 PM said...

Your girls are so adorable. They look so happy and like they will always be best friends.
Lol about the pink bink.

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