Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crikey! Will this ever end?

Okay, we're really alright, but I have been wanting to use "Crikey!" for a while now and figured it worked best for today.

But yes, when will this virus ever end??? Abby and Emma both got sick again last night and Abby got sick after she woke up this morning. This is day 6 for her, so I am taking desperate measures and keeping her doped up on phenergan all day and trying a new strategy with fluids and food. The poor chic is STARVING. It has been 6 days since she has eaten much of anything...and she seems to puke each time she gets anything in her belly. She's lost a full 10% of her body weight, putting her on the scales at 36 pounds of pure skin-covered bones. With the phenergan today, she has been able to keep down a cup of liquids and a plain waffle. Score! She's still so hungry (that's a good sigh, eh?) but I am limiting her food to just a little something (crackers or dry cereal) every hour or so. I hate telling her she can't eat when she is so hungry, but we've GOT to stop this vicious cycle.

Emma is handling it really well, and she hasn't gotten sick at all today. I was assured this morning that I could give her a half of phenergan if she started getting sick again which she ran in the other room and hid when she caught wind of the sneaky plan to stick things where they are not meant to be stickened. So far, she hasn't needed it.

I am doing well...thanks for everyone's emails. Jay has been gone the past couple of days with work, but he gets home to relief pitch tonight. I'm out of carpet cleaner and I think we need some good bacteria-building yogurt, so I'm sending him off for a grocery run before he even gets home. The good thing about the girls being so sick is that with all their laying around and sleeping, I have been able to catch up on a LOT of house work that has been pushed aside for the past, oh, forever months or so...give or take a few. And I just watched last night's new episode of really need to start watching that show if you don't already. But I have started breaking up the girls cartoon watching with bursts of book-reading and song-singing and story-telling before their minds completely turn to mush.

Now I'm no immunologist (though I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express one time), but I think that Nate's quirky blood work has really helped him out with this nasty virus. You see, little dude has an absurd amount of lymphocytes at any given time...these are the virus-killing white blood cells. From an amatuer's point of view, I think this is what helped him fight off this virus so much easier than the girls. Now if this had been a bacterial infection, it might have been a different story since his neutrophils (the bacteria fighting WBCs) are normally low. Score one for quirky blood cells!


Jill Chandler on September 17, 2008 at 4:21 PM said...

You could teach me Biology, girlfriend! Who knew there were different kinds of WBCs?! Good for Nathan!

Mimigrace08 on September 17, 2008 at 6:39 PM said...

10% of her body weight?!? Can i please get this virus?

Hope you all continue to get better.

AmyG on September 17, 2008 at 11:25 PM said...

Whew! I hope the girls get better FAST! And it's great that Nate isn't suffering. Nor you!

Melodie said...

okay, so that 1st pic of nate, i'm dying he is SOOO cute! love it :) i see you've been doing your homework about the bloodwork! you're a great mommy amber, i hope your girlies feel better and SOON!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the BRAT diet. It is Bananas, Rice, Apples, and Toast. It has all the stuff that you body needs after being sick. I wish I could help little Abs get better. We will keep praying!
Sis Dina

amber on September 18, 2008 at 2:24 PM said...

Sis. DIna- Oh yeah, absolutely. They have lived on the BRAT diet since Saturday...but they keep throwing the BRAT up. :) Things are looking a little better today. I hope to update later when I get a few more minutes.

mollie on September 18, 2008 at 4:53 PM said...

Better yet?

Amber Schmidt on September 18, 2008 at 5:55 PM said...

sorry to hear that the fam is suffering through the crud... I am currently cursing my own version of it so I feel their pain. You know if you are going to have wonky blood counts at least you know they are good for something!!! LOL


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