Friday, September 5, 2008

Is this week already over?

Man, these weeks are just speeding by with warp speed! Every time I turn around, it is already the weekend...BEAST! This has been a busy and fun week, starting with a laid back Labor Day around here. We laid around the livingroom all morning watching TV and drinking coffee, and the girls watched entirely too many cartoons all day. It was a wonderful relaxing day. Mid-afternoon, we all headed outside to play in the water via washing the van.
And of course, we had the cowboy photo shoot that day which produced some of my favorite pictures ever.
Some of our close friends who moved to Cleveland a couple of years ago came down for a visit. They have two precious girls who are close to our girls' ages, and it was a wild and crazy party for 2 days. The girls LOVED it, and Abby totally boo-hooed when they left Wednesday night. We miss you guys so much!!
Here are a couple of shots from our photo shoot this week...I'll post more on the photography blog in the next couple of days.
So, today is our first day of "school" with the girls. They are both giddy with excitement and rushing around trying to finish their morning chores so we can get our learnin' on. This will also be the time that I try desperately to teach Emma to recognize the colors green and red. She has the others down pat, but those two stump her every time...hopefully she just needs a little more time with those. Because seriously, girls are not supposed to be color blind.


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