Sunday, September 7, 2008

Photo shoots

I took the month of August off from photo shoots due to our crazy schedule, so it has been so nice to be back in the saddle this month. I am completely full for September shoots, but I am taking appts for October and November (taking December off to do some Christmas shopping...are we seriously already to this point in the year??). Let me know if you want to schedule a shoot...I only take about 3-4 a month, so they are filling up fast.

It was so wonderful to see a dear old friend from my childhood has been like 15 years since we have seen each other. And I had the wonderful privilege of photographing her gorgeous children after church this afternoon. Gosh, it was so much fun!! After the very short afternoon, we promised to meet up again soon so that our kiddos could play some more (I am holding you to that promise, Betsy!) and parted ways once again. As soon as we saw each other today, it was as if 15 years had never been between us and we began conversing like we have been best friends for years...gotta love those PB friendships!! It was a fun afternoon, and here are some pics of her gorgeous chillens:And like always, more shots from both photo shoots this week are on the photography blog.


Toni on September 8, 2008 at 8:01 AM said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your work :)

I know this is going to sound silly, but could you email me some info. Brian, the boys and I will be in FLA at the end of November. FLA is a BIG state, but if we aren't too far maybe we could meet up. Brian won't go get family photo's done at a professional studio. Says he will only do them if a "friend" just takes some pictures of us. I would LOVE if you could do it....friend ;) Anyway, I am rambling. Email me on your location and fees. Thanks!!

CAB on September 8, 2008 at 10:23 AM said...

Gorgeous pictures as I've come to see quite often on your blog! Did you go to school for photography?

I take our children's pictures as a matter of sanity-maintenance - the studios usually end up causing at least one to be in tears and it's just easier to take at home - besides, I like to!

But, I don't get such gorgeous color and sharpness as I see in ALL of your shots - if you ever have a moment and wouldn't mind sharing a few tips (I promise, I live far away from FL and am not out taking photos for anyone else so you don't have ANY worries about competition :) ), I'd be happy to hear from you! I *really* need to update all of my children's yearly pictures so it'd be great timing :)

As I said, gorgeous shots!
If you want, feel free to visit our blog where you can see how my photos pale in comparison to yours! ;)

Dana on September 8, 2008 at 3:12 PM said...

How precious!! Ok Betsy, now I am jealous because I desperately need good photos of my children!

Christine on September 8, 2008 at 10:39 PM said...

I want a photo shoot!!!! Your place or mine?!?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Amber!! I can't wait to see the rest of them! Your are truly a magician. I was sure the heat had melted your camera, but you were able to coax some of the most beautiful expressions out of my kids. That b/w of Matthew makes me cry every time I look at it. We need to get started on our "get-gether". Email me soon and we'll get to work. Dana - I can't wait to see your new addition! I hear he is the cutest thing ever! Bets

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