Thursday, November 20, 2008

Heading South

Tara and Jolee are here now...the van is packed up, and we are ready to head south first thing in the morning.

However, it is snowing like CRAZY outside right now. So far the roads are not covered, but the ground has a good amount on it. We had a fun snowball fight a little bit ago, and we have tracked in so much snow and muck that mom has had to mop the floor twice. My little Florida girls walked outside barefoot to see it snowing and quickly found someone's back to ride on so they wouldn't have to walk on the cold fluffy stuff. I'm thinking of bringing their rain boots to walk in the snow when we come at Christmastime.

Abby has a fever tonight. That's the only symptom...once the motrin brought the fever down, she was running around like usual. I have asked her about 2 dozen times if her stomach hurts, and she says no. Here's hoping that it is just a little cold.

So we are heading home tomorrow...that is, if the roads are okay in the morning. These two Florida girls don't really remember how to drive on snow. We've had a great week, and I will post some pics next week.


Laura on November 21, 2008 at 5:38 AM said...

I'm so glad they're doing better and you get to head home.
Also glad Hailey's doing better! What a blessing!
Yall take care and have a safe trip!

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