Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gator fans entering into Bulldog country

Here's a little tid-bit of info for the readers that don't know too terribly much about us...before we moved to where we live now, Jay and I lived in Athens, GA for almost 4 years. (And we lived in Lexington, KY before that...and I'm sure I can go on and on about all the other places we have lived, though I shall refrain for it is getting late into the night.) Jay received his doctorate degree from the University of Georgia...hence our 4 year stay in that pretty cool college town. We were Bulldog fans...though, we are about the best fair-weathered fans there can be. When we lived in Lexington, all that mattered were the Wildcats! In Athens, we were well educated of the Georgia fight song and cheered the bull"dawgs" on at every football game. Now...well, a new SEC team has stolen our hearts...and even though the Wildcats and Dawgs are very near and dear to us, our girls only know how to do the Gator chomp and will perform this incredible skill on demand.

(The Gators vs. The Dawgs...or rather, Nate, Abby, Emma, vs. Sam, Elizabeth and Ben Chandler)
So...it has been 3 years since we have ventured into the land of the early days of our marriage. We loved Athens. It was a neat little college town that gave us many wonderful memories. Jay was in school...I worked. Abby was born there and could claim Georgia as her residence for a full 6 weeks before moving to Florida. I had a good time telling her over and over, "Honey, this is where you were born." Whether or not it meant anything to her, it sure was fun reliving some of those memories of her birthplace. But also, we created long-lasting friendships from our 4 year stint in North Georgia. The Chandler family became close friends to us and have remained that way even after we have been away for over 5 years. We love them and miss them, and we look forward to the weekends like last weekend where we can just sit and talk and laugh and catch up. We feel "at home" when we are with them...so very comfortable and at ease. They took us in as a newlywed couple almost a decade ago and were an incredible example of how a marriage was supposed to work. They have a wonderful family who we love dearly, and it makes me ever so excited to see our children interact and love eachother just as much as we would have wished.
We miss all of you Chandlers...and there are a LOT of you. And a special thank you to the "Rod-a-ney Chandler" clan who kept us and fed us well this past weekend. We love you and miss you terribly. Please come down to Gator country soon...the girls can teach you a new cheer. (Uncle Terry pulling Elizabeth's tooth)
(Sam's baseball game...where he scored a run and made some great plays!)(Abby getting Elizabeth to wiggle her tooth...obviously, she was very jealous of the three teeth Elizabeth has lost...and also a little grossed out by wiggling her own tooth, so she gets whoever else has a free hand to do it for her.)
(The girls dancing to the boys' piano recital pieces)
(Sam and Nate)


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Go DAWGS!!! :) Sorry we missed you while you were up this way!

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