Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kindy round-up

Abby had kindergarten round-up this afternoon, where we received all the registration info and she had a tour of the school and got to meet the teachers. I knew I was in serious trouble when I started choking back the tears as we were walking up to the school. I remember starting kindergarten...I'm a woman. Women remember these things. I don't remember what I had to eat 2 nights ago, but I remember kindergarten. Go figure.
I remember walking to halls and knowing that I was surely going to get lost in that gigantic school...gigantic for a teeny tiny 5 year old, mind you. I remember specific smells of the halls and the lunch room. I remember art work on the doors and walls. I was just 5 yesterday, for Pete's sake! And now, here I am walking my baby girl into the halls of a place that will be etched into her memory banks forever.

As the parents were being instructed on registration and details about the school, the kids were shuttled away by the teachers to tour the classrooms and in Abby's words "learn how to raise my hand very quietly." When her color was called (she was a green frog today) and she stood to join the others on the green team, I felt my heart break a little. She walked down the hall, a head taller than pretty much everyone else...and she never looked back. Oh, my big girl. When did she get so old?

She LOVED the day, and she has been constantly bouncing around with excitement the rest of the afternoon with anticipation for when she really starts school in late August. Until then, I am going to hold on a little tighter to my baby for a few more months.
Miss Hailey (my niece) came through her g-tube surgery wonderfully today. They are keeping her one more night as a precautionary since she has had anesthesia two days in a row.

We are spending the next couple of days in Daytona. Jay is attending a conference here, and the kids and I decided to tag along and spend some nice relaxing time at the beach. HA! Did I actually say "relaxing" when referring to having kids at the beach? Regardless, it will be fun if not relaxing. They all loved running along the beach tonight and are looking forward to a day in the water tomorrow. Here are some pics from tonight's adventure...I edited them on the laptop, so I'm not too sure about the color, etc.


AmyG on April 15, 2009 at 11:08 PM said...

Aww!! I can't believe that Abby is starting kindergarten. I remember when I enrolled Em in kindie. It's a rough day to get through!

So happy to hear that Hailey did well!

Love the beach pictures!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, you know you are a mom when you read about somebody else's kid getting ready for Kindergarten and you get teary-eyed. Glad to hear the Hailey is such a little trooper. We will continue to remember her in prayer.

Sis. Kimberly Riffel

~sydney~ on April 16, 2009 at 12:43 PM said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS pictures on the beach! I remember the exact kindergarten roundup day, too! Cannot believe Abs is old enough for school! I know she'll love it (I'll admit...I'm the dork that loves school) :p

So happy to hear a good report on Hailey. She will continue to be in our prayers.

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