Saturday, June 20, 2009

More pics from Marco

The little guy in the family was an absolute bear yesterday, to which I seriously contemplated packing up and heading back south to Marco by myself. The kids know how to make cereal, and there are enough apples to last for a few days, so I'm pretty confident they can make it on their own. Nate's physcial therapist came by and taped the fella up pretty good to help with some of his breathing difficulties, and I was hoping that she would take me up on my offer for her to just take him back to her house for the weekend. But after we pulled 2 crayons, paper, and a band-aid out of his mouth and saw him pitch quite a few fits along the way, she politely laughed a "not on your life" laugh at my proposition.Back to thoughts of Marco...On the last night, Jay had taken Nathan back to the room for a cool bath because he had gotten overheated, and the girls and I stayed on the shore to watch the sunset. Right before we walked back up to the room, I told the girls to breathe in one last deep breath of salty air and listen really well to the waves because it was going to be a while before we were back. I thought it was a sweet little sentimental thing...until I looked over and Abby was sobbing about having to leave. Tears = Good memorable vacation.The girls enjoyed building sand castles along the shoreline...Nathan enjoyed destroying their sand castles as soon as a tower would go up. So Jay, who hates the beach (its hot and sandy, and he no like neither of those , so combining the two is almost torture to him) and jumps at any chance to head back up to the pool or the room, took Nate up for a nap one day while the girls and I were bound and determined to build a sandcastle. Their favorite part was farming the multi-colored coquinas from the sand and using them as decoration for the castle, which made me smile because that was always my favorite thing to do as a kid on the beach.But much to my chagrin, if you gave the girls the option of being on the beach or at the pool, they would always choose the pool. The water slide was too much fun for Abby to pass up, and Emma loved to kick her way around the pool in the comfort of her floaty ring. By the end of the trip we were referring to her as Wade from Garfield and Friends, which only means that we watch entirely too much kids TV. Emma went down the slide about a dozen times the first day...until she smacked her head pretty good one time and vowed to never go down again. I thought I had convinced her to go down again at one point (I told her I'd give her a big fat dollar when we got back to the room if she went down know, to face her fears and all). She waited in line and got all the way to the top of the slide, sat down on the slide, and then got up and told the slide police that she didn't want to go anymore. The stinker bee-bopped her way back down to the pool like nothing happened and started puttering around in the water with her beloved floaty ring like usual.We got back from vacation, and I instantly ordered some at-home training videos to get my bodunkadunk back in shape. There's nothing like being in a bathing suit for a few days straight to make you want to loose the flabby mcflab that you have become quite close to over the past few months. Our beach diet consisted of chips and candy bars and powdered donuts and PB&J and fruit know, just the staples. I did eat raw oysters for the first time at dinner one night, and they were yummy. And then the were the eggs benedict that I tried for the first time at breakfast one morning, and they were double yummy. And just thinking about these makes my mouth water and my jelly belly want to immediately start doing sit-ups. I love vacation food.All in all, it was such a fun week. The kids slept very well in the hotel, and we only had to resort to the Benadryl cocktail once. On the last night, Jay and I sat on the balcony and watched a huge thunderstorm make its way to the island. With almost incessant lighting jumping from cloud top to cloud top and shooting out from all directions, it was the most amazing display of dancing light we have ever seen...truly a wonderful end to a wonderful week.


The Whitsitt Family on June 20, 2009 at 5:30 PM said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had such a wonderful family vacation. You deserve relaxing fun in the sun.


Christine on June 20, 2009 at 9:02 PM said...

You can tell Ms. Emma that Zan did the exact same thing yesterday...walked ALL THE WAY up to a slide (nevermind that it was 9 story drop...he's 10!! ), looked down and said NO WAY Jose and walked ALL THE WAY back down the stairs!! She is in good company ;)

Christine on June 20, 2009 at 9:02 PM said...
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Ginger on June 22, 2009 at 5:03 PM said...

Wow this makes me want to pack up the family and head out on vacation too! Great pic's Amber!

His Mercy Endureth Forever on June 23, 2009 at 10:06 AM said...

We love to stay in Marco also. The kids were just asking about when we're going back. I think we stay at the same place as you guys and it does make for a truly amazing vacation. Oh yeah and Matthew hates the sand too. How is that possible?!?

Barb on June 24, 2009 at 11:38 PM said...

Beautiful photos. Some of your best work. Looks like a great vacation! :)

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