Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some day I'm going to miss that itty-bitty voice

Emma has reached the point in life where her parents secretly stash away duct tape in all hidden corners of the house to have handy for periodic mouth tapings. Dude, that girl can talk! I used to shake my head in defeat when passers-by would give me a sympathetic glance and say "Phew, you sure have a talker on your hands." as they were referring to Abby. "Yes, pray for us all!" would be my reply sometimes. That girl loves to talk!

And then Emma came along and learned her sister's mode of non-stop communication. Personally, I think Emma talks almost twice as much as Abby ever did. In fact, this is supposedly the girls' "quiet time" as I type this, but I hear them just chatting away with one another...more than likely playing "Mommy and Baby" or "Salon" or "Grocery Shopping". From time to time, the Mama (okay, that would be me. And yes, I sometimes like to refer to myself in third person attire) almost blows her top and firmly requests that "everyone be quiet for just 10 minutes so I CAN THINK!" That's about the time when the duct tape comes in handy. We've tried and failed many times at the "Quiet Game" where the one who stays quiet the longest wins (man, I hated that game growing up). It is usually interrupted within about 30 seconds with a cough or moan, to which the other one immediately starts boasting "HAHA! I won!! You loooooooooose!" Rinse and Repeat...many times in a row.

But amidst all the constant noise around, I do love hearing these little voices. I would probably appreciate those voices more if they took breaks from time to time, but I still love them just the same.

On a side note, Hailey was released from the hospital. This was essentially a fast-track to be able to see a neurologist without having to wait weeks for an appt. He set up a plan for Hailey to have an MRI, EEG, and a ton of metabolic labs for the next time she is sick. Sounds cruel to poke a kid for bloodwork when they are sick, but these "sick labs" show how the body responds to stress and is able to see the function of metabolism/mitochondrial function better than when they are well sometimes. Keep little miss in your prayers...she's a trooper, that gal.


Anonymous said...

I am so with you. The only time Matthew does not talk is when he is sleeping. He is so much fun though, he is at the stage you can actually understand what he is saying. He loves to make you laugh! We love you! Beth

Dana on July 17, 2009 at 1:00 PM said...

Oh my child talks non-stop! I try to remember during those times when I want to scream "HUSHHHHH!" that indeed one day I will miss her tiny little voice.

Too sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amber, I have a song that goes with the widemouth bull frog. it is so funny! My kids in my classroom love singing it. I'll burn you a copy for Emma. Love, Amanda McCook

My name is Cait on July 23, 2009 at 9:24 AM said...

Nice to see the Australian animals!!
Love from Cait in Australia... where possums eat possums??

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