Sunday, July 19, 2009

What to do when it's hot as Florida outside...

It is quite true that in order for a mother to keep from hanging her children from the ceiling by their toenails by the day's end, she must take them out of the confines of the house every now and then to refresh and let them run off the excess energy they have been storing up through the summer. It always helps when she takes such a day trip with a motherly companion who can give advice on the best ways to string kiddos up by their know, from experience in her own house and all. These two mothers can then converse about anything other than the latest episode of Max and Ruby, why so-n-so decided to write their name in toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, and why someone decided to pull apart all the matches of socks and string them across the room...for fun. Instead, we talk about the other topics in life: religion and politics. You know, what most moms talk about, right?
My good motherly companion, Rachel, and I decided that Friday was the best time to get out of the house to refresh from the week and more importantly, to bide quite a bit of time while counting down the hours until the husbands were home for 2 solid days and could run interference. It worked, as Friday ended up being one of the more fun days of the week, and Rachel and I made a mental plan to do this every week.

Duck, Duck, Goose:
We decided to try a mini-waterpark thingamabob in a nearby town...mainly because it had our favorite word attached to it: FREE. Other than the fact that our kiddos all ingested an absurd amount of bleach that gave them all a pass on baths for a couple of weeks, they had a blast! Rachel and I found a nice patch of shade and just reveled in the fact that our kids were in a gated play area with no horrible risk of drowning...we could relax and enjoy the water moment for the first time all summer.
Emma eating a snack with the best utensils money can't buy:
And this one has absolutely nothing to do with the water park, but I just love it...and am planning on writing a photography "editing" post surrounding it later on this week. Stay tuned...


Julie on July 20, 2009 at 10:27 AM said...

If there was one more little one that first picture could be used in an AT&T commercial (e.g., the bars for the cell phone) - :)

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