Monday, September 28, 2009

Soccer 101

Abby had her first soccer game last Thursday. After living a childhood lifetime on horribly awful sports teams where a losing record was just a way of life, and we seemed to learn a double dose of the "winning isn't's all about having fun" schtuff, I was incredibly in awe at the fact that my child seems to have been placed on an extremely talented and winning team. We are talking about 5 year olds here though...the competition isn't that heavy.
Abby scored 2 goals in the first half, and I am proud to say that there were no tears this time around. When we were over-eager parents of a first-born 3 year old and enrolled her in soccer way back when, she cried during every single game. She cried because other kids were kicking the ball away from her, because she stole the ball away from another kid, because we were cheering for her as she ran down the field and scored name it, she cried over it. I'm thinking we started her a little too we took a 2 year hiatus.It's so much fun seeing your child participate in sports. Abby really loves soccer this year and is pretty good...says the parent. But the best part is that she is having fun...and being on a winning team definitely does help the fun factor at some point.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of her. Love the pictures. Love You! Beth

Tara on September 28, 2009 at 7:17 PM said...

Yay Abby! Let us know when some of her games our, so we can come watch her..Jolee would love it!

Anonymous said...

So much fun! Wish I could watch her. Maybe when she comes to play for Univ of KY someday! :)

Anonymous said...

i don't know you at all...someone directed me here to read about your soccer experience because I, a mom of a 3 year old, was also over eager and enrolled my son in soccer. Not only had he just turned 3, he was only 4lbs at birth and has always been small. And the team was 3-5 year olds...


After the second game, I said that's it, no more...but it has really bothered me. Reading your experience made me feel better :)

You have a beautiful family! I hope God continues to bless you all!

take care,
Holli from Indiana

Annette on October 18, 2009 at 9:00 AM said...

I just found your blog. What a lovely family you have. I just wanted to say Hi from a mito mum on the other side of the pond! xxx

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