Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oink, Oink

It ain't over 'til the fat pig sings...right? Or am I just delirious from the copious amounts of fever reducers I have given all day coupled with the amount of time I have had steaming hot girls laying on my chest? Yep, the girls came down with Mr. Piggy flu today. And to top that one off, Jay also came home with a fever. I am the lone survivor so far in a land with many swine casualties. To be honest, we knew this was going to happen at some point. With as many Dr. appts we go to, and Abby in school, and needing some sort of food from the grocery store every once in a while...a woman just can't purell her chitlins enough when they stick their fingers in their mouths every 23 seconds. Seriously though...the flu is simply awful down here. So beware all you wanting to vacay in the sunshine state.

A Nafey boy feeling much better after 2 days on tamiflu:
Today has been a rough day for the girls. When they both woke up with fevers and realized that they were going to miss the only carnival...the one that everyone has talked about since the beginning of school...that the elementary school had today, they started to cry. And then when they realized that they couldn't partake in the very last soccer game of the season tonight, they started to sob. It was a heartbreaking moment in the Ferrell household. We're not even mentioning the fact that Halloween is right around the corner. Their fevers have been super high all day and their headaches are awful. Both girls have hit all time highs with their temps...Abby at 103.4 and Emma at 105 (orally)...both while on Motrin piggybacked with Tylenol continuously all day. When Em was 105, we immediately put her in a cool shower and then made her wear Nate's cooling vest for quite a while. That brought her temp down to 103.5. They are sick, sick girls.
The good thing (well, good for us...not sure who all we infected along the way) was that the girls and I were able to attend a trunk or treat at a local church last night where they had loads of fun and received quite a bit of candy in the process. The girls put on their costumes a few minutes before it was time to leave, and I instantly regretted not making Abby try her costume on previously. Turns out that the hand-me-down Dorothy costume that was labeled as a size that should fit a second grader (for crying out loud) was quite a bit skanky and escort-ish when she actually had it on. All attempts to get her to wear last year's monkey costume failed as monkey costumes are "so last year, mom". So Abby decided to go to a church trunk or treat dressed as the Wizard of Oz skank. All that was missing was some bright red lipstick and fishnet stockings. Score.
Abby (and her best friend Maddie) partook in their very first haunted house where I was sure that they would squeeze the blood right out of my hands. They came out unsure of what just happened but very excited that they did the ritual a lot of kids do at this time of year. And Emma and her main man Zachary spent their time at the petting Emma's words "petting the goat's bodunkandunk". Yep, that's my child.
Emma spent a good portion of the night running as fast as she could so she could showcase her super powers...because of course, she was SUUUUUUPER EMMA! This costume could not suit her more. I just laugh at her every time I see her wear it. Em was quite perturbed that she didn't get to go to the haunted house with the big girls. When I told her that she would have freaked out, she said "No mom, I not freak out because I'm SUPER EMMA!" Yeah, uh-huh. The girl wouldn't go near a few of the trunks that had candy because she was freaked out by the hanging spiders and scary pumpkins. Super Emma, hmmmmm.
Nateman stayed home with Jay. He is doing great now, but he still isn't completely up to par. The IV fluids and tamiflu really kicked out this flu quickly for him, and all that is lagging behind is his energy level. Today, he was pretty much back to normal but still slept a good deal. This has been a nasty bug, but we are so thankful at how well Nathan has responded with the has obviously saved us a few days in the hospital with him.
Who knows how the kids will be on Halloween. Our hope is that they will be fever free for at least 24 hours so they can go to a handful of houses for trick-or-treating. But if that doesn't happen, I'm sure we can figure out a different plan that will ease the disappointment a bit. Gosh, I hate this though. What a time for everyone to get sick.


Missy on October 30, 2009 at 11:52 AM said...

Amber, I literally had tears rolling down my face as I read your description of Abby's costume. I was thinking "how bad could it be?" and then I scrolled to the picture. While she looked adorable, visions of red lipstick and fishnet stockings had me cracking up! Thank you! I needed the laugh this morning!

The kids all look precious and I think Abby just made Dorothy "COOL".

Thanks for sharing

september on October 30, 2009 at 4:03 PM said...

I'm not sure where they sold that costume, but I was thinking of you when watching the Halloween parade for Bronte's school because there were a lot of hootchie-mama Dorothy's out there this afternoon!

~sydney~ on November 2, 2009 at 1:06 PM said...

These costumes are HILARIOUS and ADORABLE...wouldn't be cute on any other children :)

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