Thursday, November 5, 2009

A chronicle for the mother...and perhaps the grandparents

For my own enjoyment from time to time, I like to recap a little of what the kiddos have accomplished or are going through in these stages of their lives so I may come back to this post in months to come and say "Oh yeahhhhhhh, now I remember thaaaaaaaaaaaat."

Abby...Oh Abby. The kid is a blast. And spastic. But mostly a blast. She absolutely LOVED soccer this year, so she was truly bummed when she had to miss the last 2 games of the to a rain-out and the other to the flu. The little miss has turned out to be a purty good soccer player, if I say so myself. She's tenacious and strong and can pretty much keep up with the boys on the kindergarten level.
Speaking of boys...Enter in Andrew. Andrew is in Abby's class, and the two have hit it off quite nicely. Let's just say that Andrew's name is mentioned quite often in the Ferrell household these days. The thing I like so much about Abby's school is that even in a larger city, the schools are sort of "community schools". Most of the kids that Abby is going to elementary school with will continue on into the same middle and high schools together. The families and kiddos that we are getting to know right now will more than likely still be around through the next decade+. So in 10 years, it might be quite comical to remind Andrew and Abby about the time in kindergarten when that they got in trouble in the lunch room for intertwining their arms and legs together and pretending like they were stuck together.Enter in Conner...Emma has a crush on Conner...
Abby and Conner played soccer together. They also go to the same school, though he is in a different class. Still, we see him and his family all the time...and nearly every time we see them, Emma always quietly utters "I just love that Conner." Maybe it is because he always calls out to her when he sees her...maybe it is because he runs with her at the school's morning mile...but whatever it is, Emma always says "I just love that Conner."Speaking of the morning mile, Miss Emma received her first foot necklace this week. Let me explain...for every 20 laps the kids do each morning, they get a "foot" charm for the necklace they are provided. Abby is about to get her 3rd foot. Emma...well, she has itty bitty legs...and she is only 3. She averages 1-2 laps a day, and we have been keeping tally of her laps at home. When I asked the school's PE teacher if I could purchase a necklace and foot charm for her when she reached 20 laps, she was more than happy to oblige. Because Emma...well, she is kind of like the little morning mile mascot around there. The big kids always call out "HEY EMMA!" when they see her and pick her up and swing her around. She has met about as many friends at the morning mile as her sister. She wakes up with gusto each morning just because she gets to go and walk around the track. She tires quickly and doesn't last nearly as long as her "friends", but she absolutely loves to get out there each morning. Nathan...oh, Nathan. He is talking more these days and really enjoying the little songs we sing each day. He understands almost everything, so it is extremely frustrating to him when he can not figure out how to tell us what he wants. It's a tough age for him...and yet, it is a fun age as well.

The past 2 weeks have been difficult for the little guy. When he is sick, everything in him struggles. He's sick again right now, and he just feels puny. And just like every other times he gets sick, his stomach seems to have shut down again. This is one of the most frustrating things we deal with...when his body is stressed, his stomach will not move the food he eats into his intestines. All day, he has retched after a couple of bites of food...something that is heartbreaking to watch and exhausting for his little body. Tonight, he took 2 bites of dinner and proceeded to throw up. His stomach just isn't working.

Thankfully, due to a GI appt this week, we have some new plans in the works for hopefully helping him when his stomach slows down like this. We have to do something to keep him from vomiting every single time he gets a cold or extra tired or whatever. The poor kid is down to 20.3 pounds now...we have lost every bit of weight he has put on in the past 6 months, and that is so incredibly frustrating. But the most frustrating part is seeing him refuse food because he knows it will make him throw up. I just wish I could help him feel better when he does this. Please continue to pray for the Owens family.


Kate on November 6, 2009 at 8:03 AM said...

Those kids of yours are so precious! Emma reminds me alot of some of the pictures of Abby at about the same age. I've never really thought that they looked much alike, but the older Emma gets the more they do to me! I think it's so sweet that Emma is at hit at the school in the mornings. How could they NOT love that face? :) As always, Nathan and your whole family remain in my prayers. God bless you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Not cool! Just because you blog doesn't mean you can out your kids crushes! I've been praying for y'all during all the sickness. Glad you're doing better, Dawn

~sydney~ on November 6, 2009 at 3:17 PM said...

Already boy crazy...ha ha ha

Mike on November 10, 2009 at 3:21 PM said...

Bless his little heart. Someone needs to kiss those big tears away.

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