Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heya Pilgrim

It wasn't until Emma and I had the classroom Thanksgiving feast with Abby's class yesterday that I realized that Thanksgiving is in a week. As in just a few days. So is it just me, or has life taken on at warp speed over the past few months. Sometimes it doesn't even leave room to sit and think about what happens day in and day out around just goes by so fast. Morning, Night, Morning, Night, Rinse, Repeat.
Abby's Thanksgiving feast was so much fun. She had on the cutest little girl-pilgrim hat, and I was cursing myself for forgetting my camera. We had a pot-luck of all the fave thanksgiving food, where we were able to get a head's start on the stuffing of the bondunkadunk/thigh season. My mouth still drips with an absurd amount of slobber each time I think about the pumpkin pie the teacher made.
Artwork was displayed that showcased the seasonal "What are your thankful for?" turkey creations. On Abby's list of what she was most thankful...1) My family, 2) My friends, 3) Noodles. I'm thinking that her steady diet of Ramen Noodles has made a huge impact in her life.

Emma received her wish to be a kindergartner for a few hours. She sat in group time with all the other kiddos and listened to the story of the day, ate lunch with us, and then remained in the classroom for an additional hour so I could help clean up. She made her own friends and played right along side of them the entire time while Abby moved about her free center time with others. I've always known that Em was independent, but she even surprised me with how quickly she adapted and made her own friends in this element. She received lots of "Bye Emma"s from the class when we left, and the kid was beaming with pride. I may look into a preschool for a couple of days a week for Emma next year...she wants to go so badly, but I really do have a hard time letting them go off on their own so early. I'm selfish like that.
We had a good week with some friends from Indiana this past week. It is a family with 3 kiddos with mito, and they come down to Shands every year to see one of our incredible endocrinologists (for their hypoglycemic/glycogen issues), our immunologist, and a pulmonologist in our clinic as well. Their kids are right around the ages of my little munchkins, and they all have so much fun playing together each time they come down. I'll post some pics of their visit in the next couple of days (still working on those pics, Jenny).
We had a good appt with our pulmonologist yesterday, and he was definitely pleased with how well Nathan is doing on oxygen. I don't think I have mentioned this on here, but O2 is going to be a long-term thing for Nate. His body has made incredible progress since starting it, so there has been no talk as of yet if whether he will still be on it or not when he is older. One day at a time. He did say that he is not pleased with his weight at all, as he lost quite a bit during his flu/bronchitis stint and has not been able to gain it back yet. Our pulmo wants to schedule Nathan to have a g-tube placement after the first of the year, but after I consulted our mito doc about this plan, she had some different options...everything is still relatively undecided and up in the air at this point. And we are very hopeful that emycin will do the trick to make the guy extra hungry and be able to keep the weight on his skinny bones. He needs a good month.


Lynnette Kraft on November 20, 2009 at 3:09 PM said...

That is just adorable! :)

Katie on December 7, 2009 at 8:58 AM said...

Thinking about you this morning, and praying for Nathan. You are one tough mama. Hang in there.

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