Sunday, November 8, 2009

Photos for Mito

Our first annual Photos for Mito was on Saturday, and it was just such an incredible day. The weather could not have been more beautiful the entire day, and the atmosphere was delightful. From a photography standpoint, the day could not have been easier. The church where we held the sessions had the perfect amount of shade and light at all times throughout the day...this made my job so much easier. It was simply an amazing day.
Jay and the kids came with me to set up early, and then they all went back home to hang out. I have to give kuddos to my dear hubby for watching the kids ALL day long. The following are a few pictures for sneak peeks for the families involved who signed the model release forms...
At the end of it all, we collected almost $1100 to send to the UMDF. With a goal of $500, counting the money we received brought tears to my eyes. It just feels so good to be able to raise funds and awareness for something that is so close to our hearts. Thank you all so much for helping assist in this fundraiser. Thank you. (This photo of me and one of my best friends, Rachel, was taken by the sweet Nicole Franklin...thanks Nicole!)
There is still quite a bit more work to do with editing and sending off the CDs to the families involved in this fundraiser, but has all been such a wonderful experience and delight. The plan is to make Photos for Mito a yearly event...probably at the same time each year (as there is only a small window of nice, cool-ish, rain-free weather in Florida). I will definitely give plenty of advance notice before the next one. Thanks again for everyone's participation and help! And for a bit of information that applies to the reason we desire to raise funds for awareness, reasearch, and treatments for mito...little Gavin Owens passed away while snuggled up between his parents tonight. He is now abiding with our Lord...with complete peace and happiness. Please keep his family in your prayers as they mourn the passing of their young son.


Nicole, Drew, Jack, Megan, Sophie, and Lucy too on November 9, 2009 at 7:32 AM said...

Great job Amber! The photos are wonderful. The donation is very impressive too. Your dedication to the cause is commendable. We are all so lucky to have you as an advocate for mitochondrial disease.

Liz said...

Impressive! The pictures are beautiful and your donation to the UMDF is wonderful. You've done an excellent job - you should be so proud!

wandaconner on November 9, 2009 at 5:40 PM said...

So sorry to hear about Gavin!

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