Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On a warm December morning...

The morning mile starts at 7:00 every morning...which means that everyone has to be dressed, fed, medicated, and in their seat belts by 5 minutes to 7. (We live really close to the school.) It's no small feat to get everyone out the door by this time each morning, especially without raising your voice at someone (usually the lollygagger first born). But it is totally worth it once we see those smiling faces and itty-bitty legs running around the dirt track.
The little guy is doing a lot better. Aside from some balance issues that seem to be due to weakness, some of his regular post-illness stomach issues, and a really bad case of the grumpies, he seems to be doing a lot better. The illness left just as fast as it arrived, so we are happy about that. Nathan had a few abnormal labs when we were in that was significantly elevated was one that related to his liver function. Since he has had issues with liver labs in the past, we were a bit concerned about this one. Thankfully after some retesting, this lab came back normal! Even though I was suspicious of the original reading being an error (it was over 2700 and should be under 400), it is still such a huge relief to hear that his liver function does indeed seem to be fine right now. Phew!

Another encouraging bit of news was that his CO2 level was normal for the first time in ages! Nathan has pretty much always had low CO2 levels, as it was his body's way of compensating for his high lactic acid levels. Since being on oxygen supplementation, his lactic acid levels have been normal and his CO2 level is also normal. Not low, not high...normal. Again, a nice big load off my shoulders knowing that his body is doing amazing in so many ways with the O2 use. So aside from a different liver function lab that is often elevated in his bloodwork (due to the disease process), Nathan's labs were almost perfect. Ahhhhhhh...


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