Monday, January 25, 2010

The randomness of life

This blog takes the back burner to so many things these, laundry, medical schtuff, laundry, Abby's school shenanigans, cleaning, laundry, whatever we have rented from Netflix, folding laundry, etc. Sometimes I can't wait to get on here and write...about what crazy thing one of my kids have done or said (usually Emma) or just to get some things about life written down before it explodes in my corpus callosom (a part of the brain of which I have no idea what it does other than make me feel smarter for having written it).
So the's neglected a lot these days. It doesn't get boo-boos that need kisses and a My Little Pony Band-aid; it doesn't need something to eat or drink 400 katrillion times a day; it doesn't even need its bodunkadunk wiped at various times throughout the day. Therefore, it gets left behind at times during life...especially when its author has 3 babies 2 years apart each.There are many times throughout the week that I think "hmmmm, maybe I should write something about this on the blog" today when we were playing a couple of rounds of Zingo where Emma beats the pants off us every.single.time. but it is still a fun and quick game to play with 3-1/2 and up kiddos. (Seriously, it beats Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders any day of the week.) But then I get caught up in putting kids to bed and pulling meds for the next day and making lunch for school...and then my eyes feel heavy and all I want to do is look at the dull background called my eyelids. There goes my creativity.
Or maybe I should talk about how Jay and I have lately had a routine conversation fantasizing about having a kid-free date with dinner and either a movie or browsing time at Barnes and Noble. Oh how that would be soooo nice. And yet, we have the numerous babysitters lined up ready to tackle our kidless night and still have a hard time setting a concrete date because life is busy...and we are tired...and kids are complicated. And so we continue to talk about how fun a date would be...
But instead, I usually talk about our real life. About how much fun Abby is having at school and how cute she is without front teeth...and about how hilarious Emma is amidst her daily complaints about life in general...and about how sweet our little Nafey boy is, despite the struggles he has to endure every day. Sometimes I spend too much time talking about the little dude, simply because of the time and energy his issues demand in our lives.But really, our life may be insanely busy at times...but is it really any busy than most 21st century families on any given day?


Anonymous said...

I always love to read your thoughts...I really wish all of this blog could find its way into the hands of a good publisher. I know you would have a very large following...even larger than it is now! You are so sincere and honest and sweet and always make me smile or cray, laugh or just think! This is your gift in life!

Table of Stone on January 25, 2010 at 10:45 PM said...

I love that your fantasy date consists of browsing at Barnes and Noble.

Nicole on January 26, 2010 at 11:34 AM said...

Your kids are just adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and wish I could keep up with mine(i have tons of half written unposted) or make time to read others more than every other month or so.
Abby is adorable with all those missing teeth, Emma's hair has straightened out so much and Nathan is looking more like a kid and less like a toddler.

It's been so long my password wont work.
Brandy B

Heidi on January 28, 2010 at 2:39 AM said...

Amber, I could of written this(well maybe it wouldnt off been so creatively written!) But I do get it. Oh and the meds and making the lunches,its time consuming isnt it?! I often feel no one appreciates what it takes to keep 3kids fed and then for Jack, mixing up all the daily meds/formula and feeding tube stuff!
Those conversations sound very familiar, life gets busy and being tired is the number 1 reason we rarely make it out. Well, I hope that date to the book store comes soon. You both deserve a night out, as we all know staying connected is so important. As always, LOVE the pics of your kiddos, hugs-
Heidi & Jack.

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