Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Five Points of Life

I love our little city. Its big enough to house a Target, numerous Starbucks, those really cool Japanese restaurants that cook in front of you, and a pretty darn good mall...yet it is still small enough that you see someone you know each time you venture out past your driveway. I have realized the "small town feel" to our city even more since Abby has started school, and thus expanding our knowledge of more people and all the cool things that are offered here.
Abby (and a whole slew of her school friends) participated in the Five Points of Life Kids Marathon this past Saturday. And in the typical "ice age" theme that seems to emcompass much of year 2010 so far, it was a balmy 30 degrees the morning of the run.
Emma insisted on coming to the race just as long as she could sit in the strolled under all the toasty blankets and be granted permission to still complain about the face that her nose was an icicle.
The only time the kiddo perked up was when we ran by the water station, to which she quickly threw her hand up for a cup...because riding in warmth is hard work, ya know. In an attempt to pawn her off to passers-by, the only one who took the invitation was green and furry and wore a dress. I'm thinking it was a cross-dresser from downtown.
Abby got to the finish line and proudly received her medal. As soon as I caught up with her, she started talking about wanting to run more races and how much fun it was.
After a trip with some friends to Starbucks for a quick warm-up, we called it a morning and headed home. Abby is now constantly scanning the news and commercials for more marathons she can run, and I really enjoy her getting so excited about this kind of stuff.


Heidi on February 17, 2010 at 7:17 AM said...

Awwww, WTG ABBY!! Great pics, and even one of you?! I was even surprised to see coats and hats here! I guess its not all warm and sunshine in your parts. Sounds like the all the kids had a great time. Hugs to your littlones tonight--
Heidi & Jack.

Mike on February 17, 2010 at 10:19 AM said...

Well done, Miss Abby! I'm proud of you.

Amanda on February 17, 2010 at 9:47 PM said...

I have been lurking since Nathan was just born.... thought I would de-lurk and say hello and tell you how much I enjoy reading your antics and seeing you photos. :-) You have adorable kids and your writing style cracks me up at times!! Ok, I am going back into lurk mode.. perhaps I'll have to post more comments now and then - now that I have said howdy! :-)

Take care!

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