Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friendships are funny little things

I received a facebook message out of the blue this past weekend from a friend I haven't seen in 12 or 13 years. They were going to be in town this week due to her husband's work, and she wanted to know if we could get together at some point. Delighted by the chance to catch up from the past decade+, I tried my hardest to get all the kids well so we could hang out a little. It seems like only yesterday that the above picture would have been Rebekah (Harris at the time) and all her siblings coupled with me and my crazy siblings. I remember the days when we were this young...and now, it is our kiddos who are becoming long lasting friends. That's fun and freaky and exciting all at the same time.
Rebekah and I kind of grew up in the same area-ish of South Georgia, and we saw each other fairly often. I have many fond memories of hanging out in her room and playing games or just talking. We moved away, so we lost touch for the most part during our teenage years. Fast forward to love and marriage and the baby carriage x 6-1/2 (the half is for her new little bundle currently cooking). I had heard through the PB grapevine that she had a son...and then a daughter...and then another daughter. Funny how you still hear about old friends periodically. And facebook...well, that has solved all the other "wanderings" about the friends you don't get to see anymore.
Our kiddos instantly hit it off and became fast friends exploring the woods, running barefoot through the street, chasing each other on bikes, and just laughing and wrestling and playing...just being kids, like their parents not so long ago. After day 2, there were many tears shed that they all had only one more day together before the Halls had to go back home. Addresses were swapped for pen pal know, like people actually did in the olden days with paper and some sort of writing utensil they called a "pen". Hugs were given...and regiven...and regiven one more time for good measure, all while we reassured the kidlets that they would indeed have one more afternoon of playtime before the real goodbyes had to start.
We moms have had a blast catching up from all these years and finding out how so-n-so is doing and what whosamacalit is up to these days...all while we often paused temporarily to take care of our motherly duties as our children were forming their own lasting relationships. Friendships...they are funny little things sometimes.


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