Thursday, May 6, 2010

Appt recap

It has been quite the busy week full of appointments for the little guy. We saw GI again on Tuesday, and we were so excited to find out that Nafey boy is finally back on the growth charts again. He is sitting right on the bottom curve in weight and is at the 10% for height! He has been eating fairly well lately, and we have a good system of meds going to keep his stomach moving both on an everyday basis and when it slows down quite a bit. It is so rewarding to see that our efforts are paying off right now! We are dealing with a couple of other metabolism things on the GI front, so we will continue on our every-2-month visits, but we are so ecstatic that Nathan is doing so well.

We had a visit with our pulmonologist yesterday, and it was a bit of a sad visit. This doctor was one of the first docs we saw during Nathan's very first hospital stay when he was just a couple of weeks old. He has directed us through so many obstacles over the past 2 years and shown us over and over again that he truly cares about Nathan. This doctor has been very honest with us throughout this journey, which has prompted some difficult conversations about the future. He comes into a room saying "Here's my Nathan", which is a huge testimony to his caring nature towards his patients. In an entire team of some incredible doctors...this one is one of our favorites.

Unfortunately, yesterday was our last visit with our beloved pulmonologist. He is moving in a couple of months to practice in a different state. He will be sorely missed in the peds department here.

On the pulmo front, Nathan is doing well. The summer time heat does a number on his body, and we are starting to see the effects from that in many ways. He is having a more difficult time being off oxygen for short periods, so we are trying to keep it on him most of the time again. I really do hope and pray that this summer is easier on his body than last summer. So far, we are so very thankful that we have good friends with nice pools.


Heidi on May 11, 2010 at 4:45 PM said...

WHOO-HOO on Nates weight! He is so much like Jack, off the charts then only 3%, then 5% for years, now he's almost 20%! (ok we cheated, we have a tube) BUT theres definaltey hope things are looking up! Sorry to see a great Dr leave :( Glad to know the O2 is helping him through the warmer weather. Good thoughts and prayers for your family always-
Heidi & Jack.

{Im late but HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Your one incredible ma-ma!}

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