Friday, May 14, 2010


We had the fun privilege of picking a butt load of blueberries last weekend. They were so huge and simply scrumptious, and we enjoyed them so much that our septic system is sure to run over any given day.

We met up with a precious family there and had a blast picking blueberries together. This family is from Argentina, and the father is one of Jay's grad students. Their children are so sweet and fun, and our girls just love playing with them. We will be so very sad when they leave in a few months...

The little guy had a tough time there. This Florida heat and humidity really creates a struggle for someone who has a difficult time regulating his body temperature. Summertime was such a tough time last year for him, and it is proving to be as hard or even harder so far this year. He's just miserable a lot of the time each day. We spend a lot of our outdoor summer experience in a pool, but on the rare times where we venture out without a water source, his cooling vest is a must. But most days, the cooling vest still isn't enough to keep him cool, so we pour water over his head and torso every few minutes to keep his core temp at lower level. He made it about an hour on this trip before we had to pack him back into the air conditioned truck...but he did have a good time for bit there. That's what counts.
It was a fun day...and now that the blueberries are nearly gone, it's time to head back to pick some more.


Melanie Strevel Hodges said...

Those are, by far, the prettiest blueberries I have EVER seen! Sorry Nate is having a rough go already this hot season! Will be praying for him and y'all as you take care of him!

Beth on May 15, 2010 at 1:33 PM said...

So much fun!! I remember my mom taking us blueberry picking when I was about Abby's age. Your family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers. We Love You!

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