Friday, June 25, 2010

Last day first

We always try to fit in as much as possible on our last morning at Marco...breakfast, pool time, beach, building of the coolest sand castle ever before Destructo-Nateman stomps it down, more pool time...all before the dreaded 11:00am check-out time. We failed in our last-day aspirations yesterday and only made it to the pool for about an hour, mainly because we spent the first half of the morning running each kid back and forth to the toilet. It seems that chlorine is a better stimulant than coffee, bran muffins and prunes combined.Jay had a meeting yesterday morning (Have I mentioned that we go down to Marco each summer because of a conference Jay attends? I love his job sometimes!), so I tackled all three munchkins by myself in the family pool. Positioning myself in the middle of the Y-shaped pool, I was able to keep all 3 of my eyes on all 3 kids in different directions. Abby, the little fish we seemed to birth, was almost impossible to watch since she spent a majority of her time underwater. Emma had removed her floaty-ring to try to impress her new friends with her cool swimming techniques she had learned in her swimming lessons...and by lessons, she totally means all the times we give her a nudge towards the wall and hope she makes it without choking down too much water. They have indeed been the cheapest swimming lessons around, and she is doing purdy darn good. My third eye was fixed on Nafey magic, who was donning some cool arm floaties that were too small for him and barely kept his mouth above the water line. Good thing he liked the cool trinkets in the "walk-in" portion of the pool.Vacation with 3 small kids is not truly the type of vacation most think about when envisioning true west and wewaxation. But there I was, standing mid-pool in water about belly-button height, resting my freshly bronzed shoulders against the rocky pool decorations. Oh, who am I kidding...I'm a red head by trade...resting my freshly lobster-red shoulders against the rocky boulders lining that part of the pool. I was soaking it all up, trying to pull out every last bit of satisfaction and joy in that last morning, when something moving ever so slightly under my chin caught my attention. It was that precise moment when the realization hit me that the moving object was a dear padded thingamajig that made permanent home in my bathing suit top. It has a partner padding which was still tucked nicely in his "slot", but this little guy, well he was trying to make an exit into the world to see what he could see. Upon further inspection, I realized that the only reason the little guy could start to fall out was due to the fact that my bathing suit was completely wrong side in tags and seams and strings and whatever else hanging out as well. Slinking down into the water to chin-depth, all I could was laugh it off. Half way because of embarrassment, but half way because in true fashion, my favorite few days at Marco did indeed end in a memorable way this year.It was a blast as usual, and went by entirely too fast this year. The youngest two were ready to head home, but I think Abby and I needed a couple more days. I'll post pics over the next few days...there were tons of them, so it will take a few days to sort through them all.


Carol on June 25, 2010 at 9:21 AM said...

Hilarious about your suit! And the pics are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Life does deal you a lot of fun amongst the trials. Amongst a good word?

South Ga. Friend

mikejogs on June 25, 2010 at 1:58 PM said...

Ha! I went jogging one morning a few weeks back in northern Indiana. At about the one mile mark, I realized something had been slapping my leg. When I looked down, I discovered two pockets flapping in the breeze. guessed it. Like father, like daughter.

Heidi on June 27, 2010 at 6:07 PM said...

He-He, too funny about your suit! Looks beautiful there, what a nice break and job PERK! Im looking forward to seeing more pics :) Hugs to your beautiful babies-
Heidi & Jack.

Michelle on June 27, 2010 at 10:30 PM said...

OMGosh! Hilarious! You always keep me laughing and I can totally see the swim suit thing happening to me! Beautiful pics as always!

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