Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend trip

We took advantage of the extra day off school and work this weekend and headed a bit north to visit some of our best friends. We have known David and Dawn Brantley for many years...long before any of us were married. We used to mingle during big church meetings, and we formed tight bonds during those years...bonds that formed loving friendships that are still going strong today. Friends like them are good for your heart, and this trip to see them came at such a needed time for us to get away and laugh and enjoy being together. Following are the pics from our fun-filled weekend...

Early morning coffee with a friend is always better:

The kids all got along really well and loved hanging out together. William is a little bit older than Emma, and Parker is about 8 months younger than Nate:
After church on Sunday, we headed over to David's parents' house to spend the afternoon with more friends from our childhood. It's kind of funny that we all have kids of our own now, since it seems like just yesterday when we were all just kids ourselves hanging out with one another.

All the 4 year olds:

When Nate and Parker woke from their naps, Emma took them on a trip on the gator:
The only problem with the weekend was that it flew by entirely too fast. After a few late nights of enjoying eachother's company, we were all quite exhausted yesterday...but it was still hard to leave. It was indeed a wonderful weekend!
(missing Parker in the above pic...the little guy was pooped from the festivities and was asleep.)


Heidi on June 2, 2010 at 9:00 PM said...

awww, these pics make me want a slice of watermelon! We dont have sun here yet, its been the gloomiest May ever! blah. Looks like you all had a great visit, LOVE seeing Nate enjoying some time away from his cannula :)
HUGS and Prayers always--
Heidi & Jack.

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