Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a week!

First off, I must say how proud I am of our little Emmabear today. The kid who is deathly afraid of entering most bodies of water without her beloved floaties circling her waist...SWAM BY HERSELF today! And by "swam by herself", I mean that she literally started doggie-paddling and swimming underwater without any type of flotation device whatsoever. I'm impressed...and literally still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. This...the kid who is so dang hard-headed and cantankerous...decided to start swimming today. It's really funny to realize the things we get excited about as parents.
Abby's last day of school was Friday, and she was so sad to leave her kindergarten class for the summer. We had a fun and adorable end of school lunch mid-week, and it was so bittersweet seeing her end this school year. Emma once again LOVED being in Abby's classroom for a couple of hours. She pretended like she was in kindergarten and the kids were her friends in her class. She's pretty much counting down the days until she will be there for real.
Abby has had an incredible year! I didn't get emotional until I started looking at all the "take home" stuff from the just all went by so fast, and now they are big 1st graders.We have been to the pool and waterpark this week...along with 2 therapies and a doctor's appt. We also had a visit from a local mito family who we had the privilege of meeting at the Grand Rounds back in April. This family is about 40 minutes from us and now sees our neurologist. After their dr visit this week, they came for a was so good to talk to someone who is going through a lot of the same things and sees some of our same doctors. She has a precious and sweet daughter with mito and 2 sons who are unaffected, so it was good to talk about raising other children in this scenario as well. I'm glad that they live so close and am excited about this budding friendship. It's been quite the busy week!
Nate's breathing issues have crept back up this summer (they never went away, but he definitely has a lot harder time with these issues in the summertime), which has made us keep O2 on him most of the time again. When his O2 is off, he starts to retract and breathe so heavily and fast within a few minutes of activity...this is all amazingly resolved with oxygen supplementation...The little guy is still more tired than usual, but he is doing okay. As long as he sleeps when he needs it, his energy levels are good when he is awake. We are currently treating him for a sinus infection due to his never-ending runny nose, and I am really hoping that treating an underlying infection will be what snaps him out of this "tired" phase. Some days he seems to feel fine...and others he just sleeps or lays around the house a good portion of the day.
But at the same time, swimming and errands and playing with friends really does take a lot out of you...


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