Friday, July 30, 2010

Superheros don't need to wear britches

The little man got a kick out of this shirt and kept running after his sisters saying "Good morning! I BITE!" while chomping his teeth together. Many screams ensued through the day whenever he felt the urge to chase the girls around the house attempting to sink his pearly whites into them. We couldn't persuade him that it said "Warning!" instead of "Good morning"...but that totally made it cuter.
Nate has had an amazing few days! The past 3 days, he has felt better than I have seen in a very long time, if ever. He's happy, playful, witty, and he has a remarkable amount of energy that would make any regular ole' toddler quite proud! He started winding down a bit yesterday, but after a 4-1/2 hour nap, he woke quite refreshed and ready to tackle the world just as strongly as ever...and chase his sisters around a bit more as well.While these spurts of awesome days are often short-lived for the little guy, we are soaking up every last minute we have of him feeling this great. Life feels rather...normal, shall I say? It is during these times where joy triumphs fear and love triumphs apprehension. And for these days, we are indeed very thankful for the Lord's mercies...for his love...for these gifts he gives us to pick us up and make us realize that he is always in control.And we continue to run around the house with capes of different colors and material...hand raised in the air while proclaiming "Good morning! I BITE!" and playfully sinking our teeth into one another. Because these days...these days are the glue that hold our memories together.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making Summertime Memories

Growing up, we always lived away from both sets of my grandparents. I have fond memories of traveling to their houses around Christmas and spring and summer breaks, but I also have very vivid memories of when they would make the trek to our house from time to time. I would climb our little dogwood tree to as high as I could muster in an attempt to try to peek onto the street that led to our house and hopefully see their car enter into our driveway. The waiting seemed unbearable at times as we impatiently awaited the arrival of the anticipated hugs and kisses...and gifts.
Experiencing this from a parental view is still just as fun as I watch the kids run back and forth to the windows to hopefully be the first to see their grandparent's car pull into the driveway. The not-so-fun part of that scenario is the repetitive "how much lonnnnggggger??" in whiney, drawn out voices that makes me want to crawl up the walls. The drama of waiting immediately turns to shrieks of excitement at the first sight of the long-distance travelers.
Jay's parents came in Monday just in time to take the girls to lunch while Nate's therapist came for her visit...much to the chagrin of the little dude, who was none too happy that the girls took off without him. Due to the death of a member of their church, the visit with the grandparents was cut quite short, but it was jammed full of fun. We all enjoyed breaking in the Wii, and our little gamer taught his grandparents how to play the various games on the ipad...quite the change of activities since I was a little girl with my grandparents, but a blast, nonetheless.
Jay and his dad worked continuously on projects around the house, and Jay's mom entertained the kids. Emma was pretty much strapped to her side the entire 2 days, which just solidified our feelings that she is "Grammie's little clone".
Nate and I headed to the dentist's office one day so that he could get his very first cavity filled. He was a little saint in that dental chair...opening his mouth when they said to open, staying completely still, and not trying to bite the dentist's fingers off. He has always been fairly calm in these types of environments, but I was even shocked at how well he was behaved the whole time there.
The visit was short but was full of love and wonderful memories all packed together. It was a time I know the kids will remember for a long time to come.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordlittle Wednesday: Give kids all the toys in the world...

...and they will play with a box. Get a big box (due to having to buy a new hot water heater...air conditioner, hot water heater, what's next??), and they will create a house or lemonade stand or rocket ship. But MY kids...well...they create their very own PORT-A-POTTY. Equipped with real potty and closing door. Yes, my friends, I do think we are classified as bonefied rednecks at this point.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The past week

For the first time since starting this blog, I am finding it more difficult to keep writing regularly this summer. Having all 3 hooligans home has created less time for extended personal moments, and I am finding it harder to fit everything in to the 17 hours of awake time I have each day. Hopefully this will change a bit in the next month once school starts again.The past week has been a really great week of appointments for the Nateman. His GI appointment this week was the easiest appt we have had in a very long time. His motility is doing great currently, and he has gained almost an entire kilo since April...roughly 2 pounds. That is a huge jump in weight for him, and we are so very thankful for the cushion. He is now on the growth chart for weight and height, and his BMI is looking great for the first time.

I believe that I can also proclaim that the little guy is officially potty trained. He is in undies full time...even at night. It is so funny to see him run through the house stripping down trousers to make it to the potty. I have to admit that he was really easy to train, but I think most of that was because I took a more laid-back approach to training him and was never stressed about it. He's such a big boy now, and I can't hardly keep from pinching that undied-hiney each time he walks by.
Yesterday brought about a great neuro where we left excited and uplifted about some future plans for our area. After much discussion and work on our neurologist's part, he is creating a mito clinic to be opened soon through our hospital. We have been talking about this for some time now, and I am so excited that the plans are finally coming to fruition. We have had such wonderful response from those in our state wanting to make appointments in the clinic when it does indeed open. I will definitely update more as I learn more specifics, but I can now say that this clinic is definitely going to happen.

So, busy and good times around here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Wifebeaters

Not just for ganstas, those who like to throw a good punch to the ole' hag every once in a while, or hooligans who are too cool for regular t-shirts...wifebeaters are a great addition to any adorable boy's wardrobe (and for his sister who likes to wear his pajamas).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A bit of a recap

It truly is unreal how fast the summer has plugged along. Abby starts school in a month and Emma starts after Labor Day, and those are quickly approaching. My idea of our days slowing down after school ended didn't exactly go as planned...quite the opposite ensued, much to my surprise, as our days have been seemingly full since the end of school. Granted, a lot of it is full of fun and games and friendship...but isn't that what summer is all about?
We had our annual summer church meeting this weekend, and it was so good. I always look forward to these weekends spent with those we love as our own family, worshiping under the same roof for an entire weekend. It was a blessed weekend. We are exhausted, but it is a good exhaustion. Nafey boy did amazingly during the weekend. He slept through most of the services and had great energy all weekend...a bit anemic right now, as it seems with his pale lips and face, but hopefully a boost in iron and rest can resolve that. All in all, we all had a wonderful weekend.
This week is full of doctor appts (GI and Neuro) and cleaning to get ready for Jay's parents coming next week. The kids are so excited to see Papa and Grammie again. These visits are so relaxing and needed, and we are all so excited for the visit. In the mean time, we are staying cool with our itty-bitty make-shift pool, the pool of dear friends, and our brand new air conditioner. :) It has been a wonderful summer!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The shortest half-giant I know

It's almost impossible not to notice that this kid...
looks remarkably like she is kin to this oaf...
Or maybe being sucked into the Harry Potter series this summer has officially made me a bit looney. I dunno...the resemblance is uncanny...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jorja compadres

A few moons ago, we were able to embark on our second annual Mizerrellataway weekend partay. You see, the Mizells, Ferrells and Hataways all kind of grew up together, seeing that we saw each other at various church meetings and the like through our childhood. As we all growed up, we all decided to have children around the same ages, as to give us a grand excuse to get together once a year and mingle. It worked.
The kidlets all get along so well, except for the stray bullying that was met with a stern gnashing of the teeth from the Mizerrellataway mothers, prompting a quick "sorry hug" from the perpetrators: (the perpetrator being my son here, so you know...)
There was laughter...oh, lots 'o laughter:
there was joy...
there was exuberance...
and exhaustion...but most of all, there was a base of love and friendship laid for the next generation...
to continue in the joy their parents experience when around such friends. Thanks Mizell family for hosting such a fun weekend another year. Can't wait for next year!
And a few comparison pics...James:
PS...Abby was not left at home to fend for herself during this trip...she was at another "dear friend of my childhood"('s) house having a blast with a precious girl about a year older than her. She had a blast!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A precious family

I had the incredible privilege to photograph 2 gorgeous kiddos this morning. I first met this family when they signed up for our first "Photos for Mito" fundraiser last November, and I was delighted when the mom contacted me asking if I would take their pictures again. I only schedule one or two shoots a month due to time restraint, and today was just so much fun with this family. Thanks for the great morning, guys...I truly did have a blast with you all.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Do I really need to give a reason as to why Emma should never be a preacher?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's more American than baseball?

A few days past the 4th of July, but here goes my patriotic The Absters had her first t-ball game last Thursday...their very first game after 3 rained-out practices, which basically meant that they had no earthly idea what they were doing. The great points were that A) there were no imaginary butterflies being caught in the outfield, B) absolutely no tears...a lot of confused looks, but no tears, and C) she looked awfully darn adorable in her baseball uniform...especially after I made her change out of her hot pink undies.
What we did find out was that she throws like a girl, bats like she's swatting 'squitos, and loves to watch the ball travel right between her feet. The good news is that this pertains to pretty much most of the team, so we're not that bad off quite yet. The kiddo doesn't quite understand the game yet or why it isn't best to run after every single ball that has been hit and heap onto the pile of a half-dozen teammates that have decided to do the same, but I'm not expecting too much quite yet from someone who merely wanted to play because one of her best friends was playing.
She says she's having a blast, and she is mighty adorable doing it. I'm still trying to figure out why baseball season is in the heart of summer around here as we try to either dodge thunderstorms or not melt in the scorching heat. I keep telling Abby to enjoy this season because next season is when she is old enough for the softball league and won't be able to hit off a tee after 3 missed hits or get as many strikes as you want. She just looks at me with her toothy smile and asks "What's a strike?"

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