Sunday, July 18, 2010

A bit of a recap

It truly is unreal how fast the summer has plugged along. Abby starts school in a month and Emma starts after Labor Day, and those are quickly approaching. My idea of our days slowing down after school ended didn't exactly go as planned...quite the opposite ensued, much to my surprise, as our days have been seemingly full since the end of school. Granted, a lot of it is full of fun and games and friendship...but isn't that what summer is all about?
We had our annual summer church meeting this weekend, and it was so good. I always look forward to these weekends spent with those we love as our own family, worshiping under the same roof for an entire weekend. It was a blessed weekend. We are exhausted, but it is a good exhaustion. Nafey boy did amazingly during the weekend. He slept through most of the services and had great energy all weekend...a bit anemic right now, as it seems with his pale lips and face, but hopefully a boost in iron and rest can resolve that. All in all, we all had a wonderful weekend.
This week is full of doctor appts (GI and Neuro) and cleaning to get ready for Jay's parents coming next week. The kids are so excited to see Papa and Grammie again. These visits are so relaxing and needed, and we are all so excited for the visit. In the mean time, we are staying cool with our itty-bitty make-shift pool, the pool of dear friends, and our brand new air conditioner. :) It has been a wonderful summer!


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