Monday, August 9, 2010

The end of an insanely HOT era

Abby's last t-ball game was last Thursday. While I can go on and on about how darn adorable all of those kiddies were in the uniforms chasing after the same ball and trying so desperately to remember to run to first base after hitting the ball, the main thing that comes to my mind when thinking back on the past season was...I'm amazed we didn't all melt in the fiery inferno we call summertime in Florida.
Now, I do try to see the sunny side of most situations, but I do believe my "sunny side" of this one was sweated off by about the second practice. Let's just say that baseball in August in the jungle is not really such a bright idea. Nate and Emma missed most of the games and practices, as Jay and I took turns staying home with them. It was just too intense. Aside from that moaning and groaning, Abby had a great season! She started out, eh, not so great...being nice here. But she ended the season in the top half of hitters and fielders...a remarkable difference in talent from the first time she put on a glove not so long ago.
She really enjoyed the season as well. The gal would routinely ask us for after-dinner batting and fielding practice so that she could do better in games. I love that about her...her desire to keep at something until she is comfortable with it. It sure did pay off in baseball.
This season hopefully prepared her for next year when she can play softball for the first time. Now, she understands the game better, and I dare say that she is purty darn good. Plus, she had a great time with all of her friends...and she learned about the importance in replenishing electrolytes along with fluids. Sports...always a learning experience.


Dani on August 10, 2010 at 10:44 PM said...

We hate that we didn't make it to a single game. Thursday turned out to be a crazy finish papers and finals sort of day. Maybe next time.

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