Friday, August 20, 2010

Last bit of summer reading

This week...the official last week of summer vacation...has been one filled with daily playdates and trips to the pre-schoolyear land of insanity known as Target. The university is starting its fall semester on Monday as well, so our little college town is about to burst at the seams right now.

We had our long awaited "Meet the Teacher" day at the elementary school today. A long line of parents met at the front of school to view the list of students under each teacher's name. Parents were shouting to one another over heads of people with "You've got "so-n-so". We've got "this one"." and so forth. It was quite a chaotic and fun atmosphere. It's funny how these types of events still give you butterflies and excited anticipation, even as parents.

I could not be happier with the teacher Abby was assigned to this year. Having been at the school for a year and trying to be as involved as I can, it is nice to know the teachers beforehand. Abby's first grade teacher is literally a perfect fit, and it also helps that so many of her little friends are in the same class, including one of her best friends. 4 of the kids in the little "kindergarten playgroup" we seemed to have formed last year are in her class, which means that we moms are all good friends as well. In fact, a few of us had a mom's night out last night, so it is fun that some of our kids are together this year as well.

We dropped by and gave hugs to last year's kindergarten teacher on our way out, and it was so great to see her again. I have to admit that I have missed hanging around the school. It's amazing the relationships you form with the many teachers and workers. We are all VERY excited about this coming school year.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Can't wait to read all about her day on Monday. When does Emma start her pre-school?
Love Ya, Beth

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