Monday, September 13, 2010

Just an evening on the soccer fields

Abby is quite the tomboy. She's my tree-climbing, 6-pack bellied wonder woman who is the first to tell you that she is NOT a barbie lover. The beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed gal would rather play minion freeze tag (whatever the heck that is) with the boys at recess than hang out with the girlie girls. So the kid was super duper excited that two of her good freeze tag buddies from her class were also on her soccer team. These three are a trip!
Emma, who is indeed my girlie girl, would rather eat a jalapeno hot dog sandwich than run up and down a soccer field. Her new found adventure is ballet, which should bring some new pics of the lass in her tee-totally adorable leotard and slippers soon.
Nate, well, he will go anywhere for any length of time as long as he has his trusty side kick: zee ipad. This little guy is now being referred to as our little gamer.Abby's long muscular legs make her look like a genuine soccer player. Her gazelle type running is quite fun to see as she gallops back and forth across the field playing both offense and defense and whatever else may be in between.
This year is different for our kids playing this exhausting sport. This year they seem to "get it". It is quite fun to see them try different strategies to run the ball to their end and communicate with one another on the field in a group effort to try and score. This year, they really do seem to be enjoying it...not just appeasing their parents who want them to do something other than sit at home and watch Spongebob for the umpteenth time that week. Even on the bench, they are making up their own little chants and screaming orders and encouragement to their other team mates on the field. This year, they are looking so much more grown up.
But they are still kids who enjoy post game pile-ons and laugh until their cheeks hurt. They slide purposefully onto the grass to create streaks of green stains on their brand new uniforms. They role around with one another until the itchiness gets too them. They create long-lasting memories and amazing friendships on these muggy late-summer evenings...
...all while their parents stand back and wonder how in the world they are growing up so fast.


Anonymous said...

You just wait on the "growing up to fast"...I just want to go slow see all the things I do now back then and just go back...

April Tisher said...

These are great pics Amber! I love that Andrew is pinching her nose in one and playing with her hair in another! Too cute!

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