Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We spent the morning talking about how much fun she would have at school. My previously excited kiddo was having doubts...she suddenly didn't really want to be away from her mama and brother, and that really tugged at my heartstrings. For the first half hour she went on about it...and then I realized that she was really thriving on the attention she was getting for being so called "anxious" about starting preschool. She's my drama master manipulator. This sudden weariness of going to school was quite unusual for the kid who has begged to go for eons. Call it a middle-child last ditch effort for some extra attention...
Once we got to school, the kiddo never looked back. She posed for a pic with one of her bestest friends since birth, Zachary, and each parted ways to their separate classrooms into the abyss known as Pre-K. A nose print impression on the window signaled my last ditch effort to try to hang on just a little longer, but she never ever looked up. She sat on a floor mat showcasing the name "Emma" in neon yellow puff-paint lettering during circle time and kept her eyes on all of the new sights of her very first classroom. I made the semi-lonely walk back to the van and buckled a little guy who kept muttering heartbroken pleas of "I see Wah-Wah", which for some bizarre cave man interpretation means that he missed Emma.
However, the quiet was quite nice. Emma's school is only from 9-12, 3 times a week. Today, Nafey dude slept for 2-1/2 of those 3 hours, and that amount of amazing silence leaves a mother's brain rested and quite ready to tackle anything thrown at it.

We made our trek back to the pre-school 3 hours later to retrieve a beaming little girl, who just so happened to be the line leader of the day for her class. She loved it. Maybe it helps that her teachers are both our neighbor and our neighbor's mother, who we have known for a number of years. But my little Emmabear, my little cuddlebug who still loves to suck her thumb and snuggle right into your chest...she also loved her very first day of Pre-K. She's a big girl, this kid. She's my sweetheart.


Amy on September 8, 2010 at 11:47 PM said...

So cute! That is wonderful that Emma loved her fist day. That is great that you get to spend some time just you and your little guy. My little guy had his first day at preschool today. The teachers had the parents stay for this first day. Halfway through the morning my guy looks up and yells, "Mom you are supposed to leave!" I wasn't able to hold on to mine either.

Tara on September 9, 2010 at 1:52 PM said...

YAY for Emma! After I asked her about how excited she was about going to school and got the answer..not very,my mama is going to leave me there. I'm so relieved to know she did love it, when you left her there!

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