Saturday, January 8, 2011

A medical recap and some more Christmas pictures

I went in for surgery yesterday morning, and it all went very well. They had originally planned to put me under general anesthesia with intubation since they assumed that I would have to be placed on my stomach for the procedure. However, I was delighted when they decided yesterday that they could do the surgery with me on my side, and just giving me propofol instead of general. Propofol equals quick wake up and recovery. General does not.

The doc said that the lymph node they removed looked normal under observation, meaning that nothing jumped out at them that would signify cancer. However, he sent it to have full lymphoma testing to make sure that nothing funky is going on with the strange behaving nodes. We should get the full results next week.

The recovery has been great. I'll take an excisional biopsy over a punch biopsy any day of the week now that I have had both. This one is much, much less painful.

We are once again so thankful and amazed at the kindness of our friends here. With family living so far away, we have had to rely on close friends to help us out in times of need...they have essentially become our "local family". So many of them have shuttled the girls to and from school, had them over for sleepovers and come and looked after Nathan during the times of doctor appts and tests. Some have brought us meals and offered up hugs and sincere prayers. We are so very thankful for these special people in our lives.

And before I forget, here are some more pictures from our Christmas trip to Kentucky. The kids LOVED all the snow we received over the 2 weeks there, but I have to say that I am glad to be back in the 60-70 degree temp range here at home. I love snow...once a year. :)


Michelle and Sean on January 8, 2011 at 5:25 PM said...

Praying the results from the biopsy come back okay.

I'm like you I would be okay visiting snow once a year. Too bad I live in a snowy state. I can't stand snow and cold.

Pics are super cute!

Cheryl and Bricen on January 8, 2011 at 10:38 PM said...

Praying the results are normal.

Love the pics!!!

Heidi on January 9, 2011 at 5:42 AM said...

Im glad it was a quick procedure, praying for very normal results! Love all the pics, Im sure it was fun for your kiddos to get to play in the snow. Hugs and prayers coming your way--
Heidi & Jack.

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