Saturday, April 30, 2011

Updating is a bit slow around here...

Turns out that when you have 3 growing and bustling kiddos, it seems quite a bit harder to post updates and pictures on a regular basis, if you haven't noticed already. What started as a daily posting when I first started this blog has turned into a "when I get around to it" posting. So for those who ask "how do you do it all?"...well, I don't. ;-) There are about a half-dozen tasks that are circling in my brain that need accomplishing in the near future and blogging seems to keep me feeling like I am doing "something" without actually accomplishing what I truly need to be doing. I never used to be a procrastinator...I really didn't. But the term seems somewhat appealing these days.Regardless, accompanying this post are our pictures from Easter...just a week+ late. The kids had so much fun!! We usually have a big Easter hunt at our pastor's family's house, but they have a dear member of their family who is battling cancer and is in need of prayer (pray for Sis. Janice, will ya?), and she had surgery last week, so our tradition was put on hold for a bit.
So we decided to hide eggs at our hood after we returned from church...and after naps, of course. Sadly, (and a bit premature, in my motherly mind), Abby decided that she was too old to hunt for eggs, and instead opted to help hide the eggs for Emma and Nathan to find. That makes me sad. I know that Abby is quite beyond her years in maturity, but she is still 7. I can't remember the year I stopped hunting for eggs, but I can't imagine it was that young.Anyway, Emma and Nate had a blast as they partook in the ritual that will hopefully hone their skills of finding their keys or wallet or their kids' library books when they are older. Seriously, it was pure genius for someone to come up with a "fun activity" that will in essence teach our children mechanisms of trying to figure out where things are hidden when their brains fail them due to old age.Onto different news, my motherly intuition was right last week when I had a sense that Nate's "scheduled then canceled then mysteriously scheduled again" endoscopy wasn't actually going to happen on Thursday. We met a bewildered GI doc in pre-op that morning who looked just as confused as we were. Turns out that GI had canceled the procedure and contacted the OR about it, but the OR failed to take Nate off the schedule. No harm done...especially since we live just a few short miles from the hospital. If we had driven a couple of hours, it would have been a harder pill to swallow.The great thing that came out of it is that GI did agree that we can do the tube placement and the endoscopy at the same time now. We have an appt with our surgeon the first part of June, but they also said that they wanted this all done sooner and were going to try to facilitate the surgery date. As of yesterday, I was told that they are meeting with the surgeon today to set a date, so we should know more concrete plans soon. They also said that they wanted to admit Nathan overnight before the procedures to make sure he is tanked with some good dextrose. And he will probably spend 2 or 3 days in the hospital afterward as well.
He got sick on our way home from Houston with a cold that produced more snot than I have seen in a long time...that eventually turned into a sinus infection, so we are treating him with antibiotics currently and hoping he is back to normal before all of this goes down. Other than that, he is doing well...he has had good energy the past few days, and it is always so good to see him feel relatively well.


Kyla on May 3, 2011 at 10:51 PM said...

My 9 year old still loves egg hunts, so does my 11 year old nephew. As long as she's enjoying herself, it doesn't matter if she's hiding IE hunting, though!

Good luck with the surgery scheduling. Hope it all goes smoothly. We are so thankful for K's tube!

Jill on May 3, 2011 at 11:32 PM said...

Tell Miss-I'm-Too-Old-For-Easter-Eggs that I was still finding Easter eggs in the sugar bowl on Easter morning while my Daddy spoiled me with personal pancakes when I came home from college! :-)

Now as a Grandpa, he hides eggs for all the kids, but gives the younger ones a headstart before the bigger kids.

jengame on May 5, 2011 at 4:56 PM said...

I love the hunting eggs/finding keys correlation. LOL funny.

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