Friday, May 13, 2011


Since our neighborhood is one of the only ones in this area that doesn't provide a pool for its residents (or really anything other than algae covered retention ponds), we buy a slip-n-slide each year to keep the kiddos cool during these long, hot summer months. For what its worth, Florida summers begin on April 1st and end a week or two before Thanksgiving. Its one of the things I both like and dislike about living in the swamp. Abby became friends with the elementary school companion named Streptococcus this week (nicknamed: strep throat), along with a half dozen of her class mates and/or their siblings. Its obviously going around. The nurse practitioner and I joked that we were actually relieved that she had strep (rather than a dreaded fever virus that always seems to do a number on Nate's health) because A) Nate and Emma don't seem to get strep when Abby does, for some weirdly wonderful reason (like when she gets croup and no one else does) and B) it only takes a few hours after starting antibiotics before they start feeling better, but they are still banned from school for about 48 hours, which means......FREE TIME!!!!! This time of year is always tough to stay on task for the kids, and for the parents. We get bogged down by the routine of school and long for those carefree summer days of sleeping late and living at a slower pace. Abby's last day isn't until June 7th, give or take a few days because I don't want to actually get up and look at the calendar to make sure that's correct. That's still a while away for parents who seem to have a bad case of "schoolitis". The 2 day reprieve from our normal daily routine could not have come at a better time.Little Miss felt pretty puny the day she came down with the fever and sore throat, but by the time she has 2 doses of the med in her, her fever came down quite perfectly with motrin and she felt great! So, I broke every rule in the book regarding rest and relaxation and chicken noodles and wet washcloths on the forehead when a child is sick and decided to implement a new remedy...slip-n-slide time. The kids really did have a great time, and the change of pace in our daily life for those 2 short days was enough to get us through the remaining school year and longing for those nice, slow summer days that are just around the corner.


Kyla on May 13, 2011 at 7:24 PM said...

Strep used to do a real number of KayTar pre-tube and tonsillectomy. Glad those days are behind us!

Houston summers are the same! The kid's have swam in my parents' pool half a dozen times already at least!

I'm finally done with my semester...can't wait until the kid's are done with theirs!

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