Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marco Island

There is something special about watching a child run from the ocean onto the beach. All children run when they get to the point where the salty water hits below their knees. They run until they reach the place where the sand is still wet from the periodic wave that comes to moisten the sandy earth and walk once they hit the dry sand. They run because they have no cares in the world...and their legs are entirely too short to walk everywhere they go.
I'm not sure what age children stop running in from the waves...but at some point, there is some unspoken rule that as you get older, your once carefree life of running along the beach's edge is from yesteryear. Maybe it is because adults are too jiggly, watching carefully to walk just the right way so to minimize the amount of thigh and stomach fat that jiggles as you make your way from the hiding waters of the ocean onto the revealing sands of the beach. Maybe the hustle and bustle of the world has been completely left behind so the desire to run on the beach is squelched with the plan to vacate from anything fast that this life entails. I'm not sure what exactly causes us to stop the carefree run from water to dry land along the way to adulthood, but I secretly wish that it was socially acceptable in our culture to do such acts. That carefree act seems so appealing at times.
Marco Island was a beautiful as ever this year. It is truly one of my favorite places on earth, and we all look forward to the sights and relaxation each June. Its a time to revamp and reorganize our thoughts...a time of relaxation that brings us home rejuvenated and ready to tackle the daily struggles of our lives once again. The key prefix being "re" in quite a few of those words..."re" essentially means "again". While living in this world where we must undertake hardships again and again, it is always good to rest your mind and body every once in a while in order to rejoin the ranks of daily life.
I have to say that this is the first year that I have truly relaxed. The kids are older and easier and Jay's parents came along to help with the littuns while enjoying God's amazing handiwork labeled as Marco was indeed the best relaxation I have had in quite some time. The girls being able to swim this year coupled with the calm waters of the gulf makes for a nice day at the water's edge enjoying a good book while peeking out of the pages every once in a while at the shenanigans of the cheelren. The girls are also at the age where they scope out the beach and find various friends to meet and play with, so that's an added bonus. It was indeed a fun and relaxing few days.
Nafey boy did great for about a day and a half before starting the downward spiral of exhaustion. He did awesome the first much energy and excitement! He loved the beach and especially LOVED the pool where he went down the water slide for the very first time...the first of about 25 times. But by the third day, he didn't want to slide and he didn't like the beach. On the 4th day, he asked to stay in the hotel and sleep. When he woke, Jay took him to the pool where he swam for about 30 minutes before asking to go back to bed. Thankfully, Jay and his dad aren't too fond of the beach and Jay had some work to do, so he didn't mind staying in the hotel with Nate a lot of the time while all of the girls basked in the sun each day. And Nate's good moments through the week were priceless. It is so much fun to see the excitement of the beach on every kids' face.
It was a great of those weeks that ended before you ever wanted it to end. One of those weeks where you try everything you can to ring every last drop from it. One of those weeks that I am hoping we can do again next year. This was the 7th year we have been able to go to Marco, and I hope that we will be able to continue to attend each summer. It was indeed what we needed.

Please keep the little guy in your prayers this week...he will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow for his tube placement on Tuesday. I'm hoping we will be home by Thursday or Friday. I'll post more pictures of Marco when I return home, but should be able to post some updates on Nate's surgery and inpatient stay through the week.


Kyla on June 26, 2011 at 11:16 PM said...

Wonderful photos!! It looks like an amazing time was had by all, and if Nathan is anything like KayTar, he probably didn't feel like he was missing out on anything while resting and relaxing in the hotel!

Good luck with the g-tube placement! Are they placing a g-button or tube initially?

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