Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whoever quoted "lazy days of summer" didn't have kids

This week was our first full week without school...first full week of summer vacation. Summer equals laying around sun bathing and watching all the tv you missed through the year, right? Yeah...that's what I thought too. Our prior summers have been pretty easy and sometimes a bit boring. How dare I utter that absurd word these days! "Boring". What in the world is that?

We had about 3 hours sometime after school ended to catch our breath before the madness of our schedule started once again. I honestly think we have been more busy this week than we were when school was in session...but that just makes our vacation to the beach next week all the more sweeter.

This is our week in pictures...

The kiddos on Monday morning before dropping the girls off at a local VBS. It is held at the church where Emma attended preschool and has a really neat VBS each summer...not to mention that almost every one of the kids' friends attend it each summer. It makes for one really fun week for them...and about 3 hours of semi-quiet each morning for the mama.

The little man loves to utter each morning "It's just you and me, Mama! No girls!" To which I have to remind him that I am a which he replies "no, you're a mama!" Okay, I'll take that. At least I have had tons of snuggle time with the little guy this week.
The little man has been able to watch what he wants to watch, read what he wants to read, and play whatever he wants to play each day. If he wasn't spoiled before this week (he was!), he surely will be now. I took this shot when he was watching a show...but mainly because he was complaining of belly pain and became bloated really quickly after eating a little watermelon. Since we are entertaining the stomach pacer idea, I want to take pics of his bloating issues so I can have something to compare to if we should do the gastric stimulator. Also, he has had some really weird bruising in weird places on his body lately. His platelets and h&h are fine and other blood related labs are okay, but I wonder about his clotting factors. However, he is also a 3 year old boy who may get 3 year old boy bruises. But a mother who constantly stresses about her child's health always wonders about the "other stuff" it could be. ;-)
We had our preschool friends over one day after VBS. They were all ecstatic to play with one another. Makeup and dress-up clothes were strewn about the playroom, and a mock wedding was performed. Directly thereafter, a discussion between mother and child was had of the fact that we should not kiss others on the lips, no matter what you saw Prince William and Kate Middleton do...and yes, I know you saw the bride and groom kiss on the lips in the wedding Daddy took you to of his grad student...but no, we still don't kiss our friends on the lips, even if you are pretending to get married. It spreads germs...and yeah, we just don't do it.
A wardrobe and role switch-a-roo...who's characters did not kiss one another on the lips, thankfully.
The little man had his yearly sleep study last night. He's an old pro and completely used to the entire process of being hooked up to the stickers and glue and wires and whateverelse. The only thing he absolutely hates about his sleep studies is that he has to wear 2 cannulas in his nose instead of his normal for oxygen and one for CO2 reading (however, I am still not sure how this one is needed when they have a skin thingamajigger that reads CO2 as well). He also equally hates the red thing that sits on his upper lip and reads his air flow exhales because it gets in the way of his paci.
But all that said, the little guy is that greatest little warrior I know. He fussed a bit about the 2 cannulas and red thingy being uncomfortable, and when I told him that I was sorry that he didn't like it, but he would have to deal with it for one night, he uttered a sad "okay mama" and stopped complaining. It broke my heart. Nathan has to endure more than most people do in a lifetime, yet he takes it all in stride. Often it makes me so sad that he is used to being in pain, uncomfortable and inconvenienced. But then I realize that God gives extra grace and mercy to those who need it most, and I have no doubt that our heavenly father is helping our precious son through these difficult times in his life.

When Nate woke this morning, he had a blood test to check how his breathing is affecting the rest of his body. When our sleep tech came in and unhooked the little guy from all of his gear, he finished by giving him and huge hug and telling him that he was the best patient he had ever had (I found it comical because we had this sleep tech the very first time Nate had a sleep study, but he obviously didn't remember it). It was a sincere compliment to my little boy. God's grace is evident in Nathan's life, and others are able to see it continuously by how he responds to the hardships in his life.
Please keep the Moody family in your prayers, as their precious son, Zach, passed away this week. Additionally, please pray for the Hilliard family as they continue through these difficult days after placing their daughter, Eithene, on hospice.


Kyla on June 20, 2011 at 4:45 PM said...

Such a little trooper he is!

BubTar had 2 camps last week, one in the morning from 8-11:45 and one in the evening from about 3:30-10:30pm (my husband was a leader at that one, so both of them were gone), so KayTar and I were on our own a lot and she just loved it! My mom even invited her to spend the night at her house one of the nights, but she just couldn't bear to miss out on mama time!

The Gustafson Family on June 25, 2011 at 12:54 AM said...

Nicholas had a sleep study this week too. Your words described exactly how I felt about the whole thing and how he did too. I love the mock's like something I would have done with my friends!

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