Friday, June 10, 2011

With deep sadness...

I have mentioned in the past how small our mito community is and how we all lift one another up through the good and the bad in the lives of our children. It is impossible not to get attached to these kids and families living similar lives and hardships as our own. I have also mentioned before how hard our mito community has been hit over the past year with the deaths of numerous of our little friends. It is always such a heart-wrenching time to watch these families live through our nightmares when it comes to this disease.

I have had a heavy heart over the past few days as I have learned that two of our dear mito friends have come to the difficult decision to stop all life-prolonging treatments and have been switched over to hospice care in these final days of their lives.

Please do remember and keep Zach Moody and Eithene Hilliard in your prayers as they live out their final days on this earth. And please ask God to give peace and comfort to their families as they suffer through the unfathomable pain and heartache of watching their young children pass from this earth.


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