Sunday, August 21, 2011

In review...

As we approach the evening on the last day of summer break, its impossible to understand how quickly our summer has passed. Those emotions are duplicated each and every year around this time as we buy copious amounts of classroom supplies, set backpacks beside the door, and lay out brand new clothes and shoes for the first day of school. Summer break seems to always speed by at record levels, and this year was no exception. But despite the obvious "big" things we experienced this summer (Marco, grandparents, and quite a few days in the hospital), we had a lot of little pleasures that filled our summer days the past couple of months...We got a lesson in why it is never safe to stand near a cow when it raises its tail. One kid was completely grossed out by the reasoning behind the "raised tail", where the other two hooligans thought it was mesmerizing and totally cool. Life in the country seems to be so much more interesting and educational than life on the culdesac.
We perfected our cannonballs, pencil dives, and belly flops. Emma perfected the art of swimming in the deep end without the need of floaties and worked hard on her pirouette dive.
The girls learned to spend copious amounts of time with each other with minimal fighting most days...well, some days...well, every once in a while. They also realized that in order to be lipstickless once again, it would require the removal of several layers of skin via a good ole' fashion scrubbin' by the mama.
We were entertained by the colossal-sized edible growths on the ends of Aunt Bethany's phalanges. Each child erupted in a series of gags and highly dramatic sounds of disgust at the insistence that they taste the fun, edible appendages. What kid doesn't like black olives? Obviously all of mine.
We enjoyed a much-needed girls day overlooking the Atlantic...
...and we tried to dig a hole deep enough to send Emma to China. The only thing that stopped us was her unusual inability to breathe while being completely encased in sand. Well, and the hot molten lava that is seemingly at the core of the earth. She would have loved China. Maybe we'll try again next year.
The littlest Ferrell ended his 3-1/2 year run with the highly addictive act of sucking on a pacifier. He decided to drop it cold-turkey, mainly due to the nationwide shortage of paci patches that would have made his detox prolonged but a bit easier. The first couple of days were met with the tough withdrawal symptoms of tears, regrets, and pleadings for "just one more time". But I am proud to say that the little guy stuck with it through the toughest times and is now a full 2 weeks sober.
We watched copious amounts of TV through the summer, much to the chagrin of the mother who had a clear set of TV-time guidelines at the beginning of the break that was quickly thrown out the window. Through the wonderfulness of Netflix, the chilrens learned to love the old school cartoons of Popeye, Inspector Gadget, and Ghostbusters.
We have one tree in our yard. One little lonely tree in the front yard. But that tree has been the playground to 2 little monkeys most evenings after dinner, after it has cooled enough to be outside without succumbing to heat stroke in 2.3 minutes and before the hoard of mosquitos decide to feast on anything that has a heartbeat. That gives us about 13 minutes outside each day. Summer in Florida is like winter up north.
It was a good summer. Stressful at times, but we had great company, some relaxation, and good memories created that will last us through the craziness that will engulf our life over the next few months as school and extracurricular activities commence once again.

Yes, it was a good summer.


Kyla on August 22, 2011 at 12:08 PM said...

We had a good summer, too. Too much TV, probably...but plenty of swimming and relaxing and recuperating from last year!

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