Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A routine

School has been back in session for a week and a half now, and you would think that I would have tons of free time now that 2 of the littleuns are gone for almost 6 hours a day. Well, at least that's what I thought would happen...lots of walking around the house twiddling my thumbs, scrubbing the baseboards for fun, and figuring out that there is only trash on TV in the middle of the day. And although I did gawk and totally laugh my rather large backside off while catching a few minutes of the Jerry Springer show the other day as I was folding laundry, these days have not contained any strolling around the house with nothing to do. (P.S. Who knew that Springer still came on daily? I mean, I know we all probably have some Springer action deep in our family roots, but who in their right mind wants to actually be on that show?)
I do have to say that it is so nice to have both girls at the same school with the same hours...there is not nearly as much running around dropping off and picking up as there was last year when Em was in preschool. And we are all really enjoying having a set schedule again. The house is so quiet in the mornings, and it is so much easier to keep it somewhat clean now that there aren't as many people here all day.
Nate has started having to learn to play by himself some...tough for a kid who has had "his girls" at his beck and call so much lately. And I have learned the art of role playing once again as he calls on me so often to play "Old grandpa and doggy" with him being the old grandpa and me being the doggy...can you tell he loves the movie "Up"? Never being that great at improv in drama class, I have restricted this role playing game to just a couple of minutes and only twice a day...and never in public. Nate has agreed to these terms.
The girls are loving school! Emma is learning to eat quicker during lunchtime and trying to figure out who her best friend will be this year. I am anxious to see how she interacts in the classroom and who all these kiddos are who she talks about each day. She really loves being there. Her only struggle these days is picking out what to wear each day, as having a fairly strict uniform policy prevents her from wearing "the most beautiful clothes in the school". Being the true girly girl that she is, she requests to wear skirts most every day, and we seem to always fight over what shoes she will wear. I truly hope that the uniform policy will stay in effect until she graduates from high school.
Abby is also enjoying this year and seems to be in another great class. Even though she is split up from a few of her best friends, she is making new friends and acquaintances really well. She has always loved school, and she seems to do better overall when her mind is constantly stimulated with new information and experiences. The older she gets, the more I am amazed at how her brain works. The only downfall to second grade and "growing up" is that for the first time, my little first born who used to follow me around like a flea and cry when someone else picked her up, has refused to kiss me goodbye outside her classroom each morning. Oh, the travesty! She'll kiss me if I drop her off in the van, but when I walk her in...nada. And there went my heart.This week started the new soccer season for the oldest, and next week will be the beginning of a new year of dance for Emma, where she will be taking ballet and jazz this year. And just to make our life even more crazy than it currently is, the girls are also in a music/craft/games program for a couple of hours on Wednesday afternoons with a lot of their friends. We seemed to have joined the rest of suburbia with their silly antics of being on the go at all times. No wonder these years seem to fly by so fast.The times we are all together these days are precious. With the few hours of a break from each other every day, our relationships with one another seem better. The girls enjoy playing together again and its rare to hear them fight or become cross with one another. Its easier to be patient with each other again, and the time together seems to be better quality time. Yes, schedules seem to be wonderful things for our family.


Kyla on September 2, 2011 at 7:41 PM said...

We've been in school 2 weeks now and I'm still struggling to find my groove. The kids adjusted great, but I'm not bouncing back as quickly!

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