Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trucking along

Its funny how the days of the week all seem to run together when you are in the hospital. Since we are not doing our normal routine of running the girls back and forth to their regular activities, I have to consciously try to remember the day of the week.

Nafey boy is still par for the course of recovery. His pain is getting less and less...Toradol is still being given around the clock, but he has only asked for "the good medicine" (oxycodone) once today. He has done well propped up more in the bed today and even sat upright for a couple of minutes tonight after I gave him a sponge bath and changed his sheets. He was getting pretty stinky. Additionally, he stood a few times today to use the urinal, as opposed to just laying down and going (one of the perks of being a boy). He was quite sore each and every time I moved him and was pretty shaky trying to stand, but he tolerated the changes of position fine.

We started feeds at a really low rate last night and allowed him to eat whatever he wanted by mouth. The food intake isn't going well, as he just doesn't want to eat, but we have been able to increase his feeds nicely today. He had a bit of retching last night after we started and asked or zofran, but he has been fine today. He has said that he feels nauseous off and on today but that it isn't bad enough for zofran. Each time we increase his feeds, we decrease his D10. So far, so good.

For tomorrow, I hope that we can get him up to 45ml/hr in his feeds and then start working on trying to get his bowels moving again. I think he will be ready to walk a short bit tomorrow as well...he needs to work those sea legs. There hasn't been talk about going home yet, but if everything continues to go as well as it is going, I think that we should be home sometime this weekend.

We had a lot of visitors today, so that made the day go by really quickly. Yesterday, a few of the Florida Gators came to visit Nate through a program they have here through the hospital. He had the privilege of talking to a swimmer and football, softball, soccer, and volleyball player from UF, and he is so proud of the posters they gave him. It was so fun to see his face light up when the fella beside him said he played football for the Gators. And it was equally funny to see their reactions when he told them that his stuffed puppy that rarely leaves his side is named Tebow. And today, he had 2 visits from the therapy dogs that he loves so much when he comes here. One was even able to climb up in bed with him, and a photographer for The Post (a magazine for Shands) snapped pictures of their interaction for a good 15 minutes. There is going to be an article on therapy dogs in the next magazine, and I am anxious to see if they are going to use any of the pictures they took of Nate and Rackley (the sweet dog).

So, everything is going well. The staff here is amazing, as always. I am anxious to see how this permanent stimulator is truly working, but I know it will take time and patience.


Kyla on October 14, 2011 at 8:43 AM said...

I'm so glad he is recovering well!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Sounds like a GREAT hospital. Thank God for all the fun things there.


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