Friday, December 9, 2011

Who turned the calendar to December?

Its kinda funny when you are in the smack dab middle of the intense craziness of the holidays and your body decides to throw a monkey wrench in every single one of your plans in the shape of something called pneumonia. Seriously. How in the world does a healthy 30 year old contract pneumonia completely out of the blue?
It was a tough 5 days of a fever that was beyond intense at times and a cough that continues to tone these "post-3 babies" flabby abs, but I can now say that I have survived the worst illness of my entire life. Literally. And I learned a lot during those few it is imperative that you keep an empty bladder when you are coughing up a lung, and that having all of Nate's medical equipment around can be helpful to others than just him, and that I married the absolute most amazing man in the whole world who held down the fort and did anything in his power to keep me comfortable. Well, and if you have to cancel plan after plan after plan for a few days, it will all still be okay.
The great thing is that this pneumonia does not appear to be viral whatsoever, so that means that the kids are safe. I do admit that I was pretty darn worried Nate would get this before we knew what it was. I knew it would more than likely be disastrous if that happened, so I was relieved to find out that he should be safe from it. Now, to find out how I all of a sudden succumbed to the lung infection. Obviously, we don't do medical stuff by the book in this hood.

We have one more week until our annual trip to Kentucky (and Ohio this year), so we are in the countdown of preparing for that long trip. The kids are beyond excited about getting up north and seeing all of their extended family and hopefully snow!
We had the entire month of November off for doctor appts for the little guy, which has been such a welcomed relief lately. It was so nice to have such a long break. We've had 3 appts scheduled here right before the holidays, and we have 2 appts the week we get back home right before we head to Houston. Last week, Nate saw our surgeon and his team for an adjustment to his stimulator. It was the first time we have seen them since his last surgery, and it was so good to see everyone again. Nate had a lot of fun wearing his Halloween costume to the appt. The adjustment to his stimulator has helped him eat a bit more along with getting his tube feeds, so we hope this will help bump his weight up again.

All in all, Nate is doing extremely well. He is doing better right now than he has in a very long time, and it is so wonderful to see him like this. He just feels great. His energy levels are good more often than not now, and he just seems so happy right now. I pray it lasts for a really long time and that he isn't hit hard this winter with illness. The next few months always have us on edge when it comes to him getting sick.
The last week of school offers a lot of fun activities for the girls, and they can't wait for all the fun festivities to get here. It will all be over before we know it. I still can't believe it is already December and Christmas is around the corner!


Kyla on December 10, 2011 at 11:48 AM said...

Pneumonia is NO FUN! I got very sick like that 2 years ago and it is so hard to be that sick and still be the mama! It pays to be married to a good and helpful man! :) I'll always remember that illness because it fell on our wedding anniversary and I remember laying on the sofa while KayTar spoon-fed me our anniversary dinner, takeout from PeiWei. LOL. Such romance!

It is wonderful to hear that Nate is doing so well!!

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