Monday, February 20, 2012

A hiccup

Nate has been doing so well lately. The past few months have been the healthiest he has ever had, and it has been amazing to witness the positive transformations happening in his body. It has been during this time that we have talked of exciting aspirations we have for the little guy...t-ball, school, etc. This time of growth and incredible health for our son has given us a sense of great hope that he may indeed have a somewhat normal life as he gets older.

It has been during the past few months that we have forgotten a lot of the negative impacts mito has on his little body. Since it has been so long since he has had a significant illness, we have somewhat forgotten how his body is affected by the added stress of fighting off sickness.
After a few days of a mild runny nose and cough, Nate's motility started to really decline. His GI stimulator has been working great, but we have always known that he more than likely would still have problems when he was sick. Once his motility started to decrease even more through the week, the little guy started to vomit periodically and complain of a lot of belly pain. He came down with a fever a couple of nights ago, and while zofran, motrin and continuous slow-running pedialyte through his tube were helping, he was still declining.

He spent most of the day yesterday just laying on the couch or sleeping, and his urine output was significantly decreased. Once the afternoon rolled around and he still wasn't perking up, we knew he needed to head in to the hospital for fluids to help get him over this hump. After a few hours of D10 and some IV zofran, we headed home, hoping this intervention would help his body tolerate this illness quite a bit better.
He's done a lot better today...still has a low grade fever and a really nasty sounding cough and high heart rate, but his urine output has been much, much better and he's not looking as pale and puny. He's still having a lot of belly pain that is exacerbated when we try to turn up his fluids and by him trying to eat a little dry cereal here and there, but zofran and motrin have made it manageable, and he hasn't vomited since early Sunday morning. He has lost an entire pound the past few days. I hate seeing how quickly he loses weight in relation to how long it takes him to put it on.

It is always disheartening when he gets sick...seeing how differently he responds to these minor illnesses than the girls, seeing how much longer it takes him to get over it, and worrying about what is happening inside his cells during these times always weigh heavy on my mind. Since it has been a while since we have gone through this, it seems to have hit me harder with sadness this time around. I want so badly for him to live a normal life. Sometimes that wish seems so attainable. And then sometimes it doesn't.


Clara-Leigh on February 20, 2012 at 11:49 PM said...

Praying for Sweet Nate and for your precious heart, Amber. You are amazing, and I truly understand the desire for even a glimmer of "normal" future.

Lok on February 22, 2012 at 9:38 AM said...


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