Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun with friends

Everyone says that if you live in Florida, you either need a swimming pool or become good friends with someone who has one. Thankfully, my best friend here does indeed have a swimming pool. Coincidence? And we spend copious amounts of time at her house all summer long. But when we are at home, we try to make use of what we have at hand...a good sprinkler system and a yearly purchase of a slip-n-slide.
Some of our good friends from the northernland came to visit last week. Their oldest was born 4 months before Emma, and we all hung out together a lot while they were finishing up school here. Alas, due to the transient nature of a college town, our time together was short-lived as a job took them to live in states that have lots of snow each year. The great thing is that Disney and the beach and Gator sports help lure them back down to this area about once a year, and the kids get to rekindle their friendships while the parents catch up on lost time.
It really is unique seeing these little munchkins get excited about seeing their long-distance friends and start playing the moment they arrive here. They played so hard that day that everyone was quite exhausted...but it is never enough time together. It is so much fun to see these true childhood friendships develop.


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