Thursday, March 29, 2012

The little helper

Emma is our little helper. You know those kids that the parents swear they have absolutely no interest in TV or hand-held games or any computerized device? Those kids are truly few and far between, in my book. In our family, it's a 1 in 5 ratio...with Em being the odd man out. The kid truly has no interest in electronics. She may be almost exactly like me in every other way...except that.
Instead, the child LOVES to help. It doesn't matter what it is...folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher, snuggling right up against your shoulder just watching whatever you are doing, vacuuming, long as she is right there along with someone, she is perfectly content. She craves constant interaction with others. While Abby begs to sleep alone in a room from time to time, Emma can not stand being alone. She desperately needs to be surrounded by people. The funny thing is that it doesn't matter who it can be family, friends, or strangers...the kiddo will adapt to any circumstance as long as there are people she can talk to along the way.
So, we have labeled her as our little helper. If there is anything at all that you need to do, she is the one to ask. She will willingly do any task and often asks to try tasks that are way beyond her level of success. Point in blank: when she asked if she could cut her dad's hair one night...
Now, I have been cutting Jay's hair for years...and Nate's, and Abby's and Emma's most of the time. Coming from a family with a whole lot of chitrens, I learned how to cut hair from watching my own mother do so on countless occasions. And my children have seen me do so numerous times as well. And given the fact that Jay's hair is very difficult to mess up, we gave her a try. She LOVED it. You could see the concentration and joy on her face as she tried to learn ways of a hair dresser.
Mind you, she butchered him up quite a bit. When we finally told her it was my turn to take over, his hair resembled much like that of a mangy pup. But it was easily fixable, and Emma felt so big and triumphant for being able to help along the way. That is truly all that matters there.


Carrie on March 29, 2012 at 9:20 PM said...

Wonder if my husband would be willing to let one of his kids "help" cut his hair? She did a great job helping.

Wanda on March 30, 2012 at 2:35 PM said...

Love this!

~Jana~ on March 31, 2012 at 2:00 AM said...

Adorable!! What a great Dad she has. ;)

jengame on April 4, 2012 at 8:34 PM said...

Oh, I love your Emma Bear. Tell her she can come over and help me with the housework anytime. (But I bet we would just sit and talk like old souls.)

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