Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Season

The spring soccer season is in full force, meaning that our family is officially having dinner together at the table about twice a week now. Despite our quality family time being spent in the confines of a motor vehicle going to and from various activities, it is quite nice to be back at the soccer fields on these gorgeous spring evenings.
Abby has always been my kiddo that needs to exercise on a daily basis in order to get out the wiggles. I used to make her ride her bike around the cul-de-sac as fast as she could to keep her from climbing the door facings over and over again in the house. I still find toes prints on the door facings from time to time. After being cooped up at school most of the day, she just needs expend her energy. Soccer has been wonderful for her over the past couple of years.
It has also been a lot of fun watching her improve each season and gain more confidence the longer she plays and understands the game. She is a lot less timid starting out this season than I have ever seen her, and she seems to really be learning how to handle the ball better. But more than anything, it has been delightful watching her come into her own from season to season...barreling out of the van and running to the field instead waiting nervously behind for me to walk with her, taking initiative in drills and talking on the field, and even creating celebratory "belly bump" moves with her team mates when someone scores a goal. They just all seem so much older this season in so many ways.
Emma has become quite accustomed to hanging out on the fields during these times as well. She has decided to not take ballet next year and opted instead to start soccer in the fall. As long as we can tone down her feisty-ness and teach her that she can not tackle the person with the ball, I think she'll do well. I do foresee her being quite a scrappy player for a while though.
For right now, she is enjoying just being around the older boys and trying to steal their soccer balls. Flirting at 6?? Good grief. Its amazing how she can literally just adapt and fit in with any age of others she is around. She is such a natural people person.
Austin was trying to teach her some intense strength exercises that make every joint in my body hurt just watching him. When she realized that she has her mother's lack of upper body strength, she opted for her own trick of making all the blood drain to your head.
The Natester resumed the spot he usually encompasses during games: playing someone's phone while periodically yelling "Go Abby!" from the sidelines. The kiddo was having a weird skin color day this day, which is one of the strange oddities that make up the little dude from time to time. Aside from him being a pale shade of grey a lot of the day and being extra tired, he was doing okay. Gosh, I wish I knew what was happening inside his body on days like that.
Abby looked good this game. She made a couple of great passes and a few fast break-aways. I never knew it would be this much fun watching your children compete. There is just something special about being able to cheer for your child from the sidelines and seeing that smile and look of confidence cross their face when they do well. I really do love soccer season.


Marty S said...

1...tuck in your shirts.
3...I didn't notice Nathan's color. It's not as obvious as Jay's (lack of) hair. LOL!


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