Saturday, July 21, 2012


For the past 23 years, my father has granted me an eccentric "Happy Anniversary" on every single February 2nd...groundhog's day. He has created a bit of confusion offering these salutations on my facebook wall the past couple of years, causing many to wonder if it was my wedding anniversary or the like. The reason for this greeting he has offered on that day for over 2 decades: February 2, 1988 was the day of my tonsillectomy. To continue this unconventional tradition (because the apple doesn't fall too far from the quirky tree), July 20th will forever be known as Emma's tonsilversary.
Emma has been looking forward to this day for months...complete with a countdown until her big day. I'm sure any psychologist would have fun with that interpretation. She did enjoy the undivided attention yesterday. The anesthesiologist was amazing...quite an old guy who had "pretty much already retired", according to his own words, but still worked here and there. He was a gem. She said that she laid against the sweet anesthesiologist while he stroked her arm until she was asleep.

The surgery went perfectly. Her ENT said that her adenoids were huge and nasty. She sure did need this surgery, and we hope that this will help her feel much better. She woke up perfectly, ate a popsicle as soon as she was reunited with us and sat wide awake and happy until we were ready to head home. With my only experience with kids and anesthesia being Nate, I was nothing but shocked at how well everything went. I was literally amazed at how well and quickly she woke and immediately wanted to eat. It was such a far cry difference than any experience we have had with Nate, whose body does not seem to like anesthesia at all.
Em has continued to amaze us once being home. She is doing fabulous. Obviously, her throat hurts, but she is doing so great despite it all. The biggest problem has been that she has so much drainage now that is making her cough and sneeze, and neither of those are comfortable at all on a really raw throat. But she continues to show us that she is made from some pretty sturdy stuff with how much of a trooper she has been through all of this. This kid continues to surprise us. 


jengame on July 24, 2012 at 11:08 PM said...

Love that little kiddo!!

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