Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hustle and Bustle

Most afternoons, after homework and chores are completed, the girls spend the last few hours before dinner riding their bikes up and down the neighborhood streets with friends, playing pretend games, and just enjoying being around kids their age. The whole neighborhood posse is about 8 kids strong, and it is so much fun watching them laugh away their afternoons without a care in the world. Reminds me so much of the hours I would spend on my bike as a kid with neighboring playmates.

The start of school has been a wonderful one for the girls. They both have amazing teachers and great classes. Emma was really happy to have tested into the gifted program here like her big sister. I have to be honest in saying that we are not fully aware of what Emma is capable of...we didn't know how fast she was until she won 1st place in the kindy Talbot trot last year, and we weren't completely aware of how smart she was until she passed the testing for the gifted program. Crazy kid!

Both girls have started soccer for the fall season, and it is so much fun to see both of them on the field. I'm proud of the girls for running with me several times this summer, even when they were hesitant at the unwanted exercise at first. At the end of the summer, they logged in their longest distance of running/walking: 4.1 miles! I was super impressed in how much they had improved over the summer in their distance. Seeing them both run up and down the soccer field with a lot more ease and endurance is a good pay back for those days we ran together.

Nate has been busy with CMN activities for radiothon. It sure has been a lot of fun coming up with different ways to raise money! He has had a fantastic summer of incredible much that we have been a little more lenient on his resting and continuous oxygen use. We thought his body was doing an amazing job of compensating, so we were letting him off his O2 for a couple of hours at a time with no obvious signs of long term damage. Well, that was until this weekend...

We had a blast swimming, playing, and jumping on the trampoline at a friend's house Friday evening. Sat morning, he woke up puny and vomiting, After getting sick a few times and not being able to hold anything down even after zofran, I knew that he was more than likely acidotic and took him to the ER. Turns out he was acidotic like I had expected and dehydrated: high lactate, low bicarb and CO2, low glucose, high BUN, ketones, base excess was -7. The theory was that the energy expenditure overload the night before coupled with the excessive time off O2 caused his lactate to rise and his acid/base balance to shift and probably caused him to be a bit dehydrated. That, in return, caused him to get extremely nauseous, like it always does. And that caused him to vomit and just make matters worse. It just seemed to be the perfect storm of stress on his body to keep him from being able to compensate for it all.

It took several hours of running D10 at 1-1/2 maintenance plus an additional fluid bolus to help the little guy start to perk up that evening. And by the next morning, he was back to normal. Usually, he only decompensates surrounding illness, but the last two times has left us scratching our heads at what triggers these more recent episodes of acidosis. A friend reminded me today of the words of our dear friend Samuel Knight: He is just "a delicate metabolic balance". I still can't say that without hearing Samuel's voice in my head uttering the phrase coined for his life. Makes me smile and miss him all at the same time.

These times cause us to step back and just watch him a little bit more...let him continue to live life as normally as he safely can, but watch him a bit more closely. Seems that the moment we get too comfortable in his well-being, his body likes to give us a wake up call. Thankfully, he is back to doing great now, and enjoying the hustle and bustle of what we currently call "our family life".
(I have TONS of pictures on my camera...if only I'll take the time to put them on the computer!!)


Kyla on September 6, 2012 at 3:46 PM said...

So glad your handsome little man is feeling better!!

september on September 10, 2012 at 11:07 AM said...

So glad Nathan is feeling better!

When Davis started school last year he tested into our district's Gifted program as well, and like you I had no clue how bright he actually was. Reading isn't his "thing" and he started school not even knowing all of his letter sounds, but he's off the charts for math & science (as in, can do his fourth grade sister's homework with her). You have to be grateful for the teachers who see these abilities in our kids!

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