Sunday, January 20, 2013

7 years

My dearest Emma,

With your belly full of cupcakes, you sat on the arm of your dad's recliner and snuggled into his shoulder as we all sat down to watch a movie together. Just like always, you were fast asleep within about 20 minutes of sitting still for the movie...something we have known to expect with you from many, many past experiences. We have grown to know that the only movies you will stay awake through are "Matilda" and "Justin Beiber: Never Say Never"...your favorites these days.

Oh my Emmabear, I can not believe that you are 7. I can still picture you in my mind as my moody, smiley, incredibly dramatic, chubby-cheeked little 2 year old. Seeing your budding personality even back then, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were destined to a lifetime of shaking our heads, rolling our eyes, and laughing often at your antics. We knew even back then that you were one enormous personality in such a little body.

There is no way to adequately explain you in words. The only way someone can really understand everything that encompasses your vast personality is to merely "experience Emma". Spending time with you is always an adventure, always a learning experience, and never mundane.

You are so sweet. With your squinty-eyed toothless smile and infectious laughter, you quickly win the hearts of anyone you encounter. You have always been a snuggle bug and thrive on hugs and cuddles with others. We can not go to any extra-curricular activity without older kids shouting your name and running up to give you it soccer practices, shopping at the mall, or going to gymnastics meets at UF, your name is frequently yelled with waves and hugs to follow. It is truly amazing sitting on the sidelines of your life and witnessing all the people interacting with you who deem you as a friend. This speaks volumes of your sweet nature and willingness to befriend individuals from all walks of life. Its truly amazing to watch your budding social life evolve.

You are a confident individual. I have honestly never known of another child who will proudly walk the halls of school wearing a furry vest and boots that are 9 sizes too big and resemble a dead, hairy animal. Even with a strict dress code at school, you instinctually know how to spice up this part of your life and still be within the limits. I have never known anyone this young who was such a natural-born leader with a heart of gold and aptitude to live such a remarkable life. As amazing as it is to exhibit these aspects, they are also the same characteristics that make us butt heads on a regular basis. Some days, I seemingly laugh at you one minute and want to strangle you the very next minute. We can be oil and water some days and click perfectly on others. I spend many evenings thinking "Oh Emma!" expression wrought with both exasperation and amazement.

You are one of a kind. I honestly can not tell you how many times I laugh at what you say or what you do each day. Your dad and I have always said that you have "street smarts". You just seem to know how to make people laugh genuine, heart-felt laughs. Your comical attributes help soften difficult situations and help brighten the days of everyone around you. You are truly one of a kind, Emma.

Oh my sweet girl, I can't imagine our days without your sunshiny spirit and smile in them. Just thinking of your precious face makes me grin from ear to ear. I pray that you continue to use your infectious attitude to help brighten the lives of those around you and bring honor and glory to God. You are a light in this world, my dear daughter, and I feel so incredibly blessed to be your mother.

I love you, Emma. Happy 7th Birthday!

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